Dead(line)-Free Zone.

No Dead (lines)

No Dead (limes) I mean (lines)

What I like about self-pubbing:  No deadlimes.  Wait… I typed limes because of my stupid finger.

If you break your right index finger, no sweat because no deadlimes… I mean deadlines.  I should find out tomorrow whether or not I need surgery.  In the meantime, well, oh well.  We do the best we can.  Talk later loves!  Julia

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10 Responses to Dead(line)-Free Zone.

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Good Luck…hopefully no surgery and no deadlimes. :)

  2. Mat Nastos says:

    DeadLIMES — zombie fruit. I believe that is the next big thing and you’re right on the bleeding edge of it!

  3. anny cook says:

    Yeah, I think it would be good for NOOOOO surgery. Been there. Done that. Spend mucho time correcting… Zombie fruit is right!

  4. Sandra Cox says:

    You’re always dropping these bombshells…or I miss important posts. What did you do to your finger?

  5. Well, Anny – not healing but no surgery unless it’s still not healing in 4-6 weeks and it’s annoying the hell out of me. But it could always be worse.

  6. Broken right index finger – carabiner. Long story. ;)

  7. Roberta says:

    Hope you do not have to have surgery.

    The zombie limes look interesting. How do they taste.

  8. Well, Roberta, the zombie limes are sort of smashed up and used sparingly. They can be limy and bitter. So sour/bitter I guess. No surgery but no healing thus far. Will check back in 4-6 weeks.