Meow… Oh my poor kitty-cat. (My for real cat.)

Ichi-ban (Number One) is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Here’s an image of a Norwegian Forest Cat:

Norwegian Forest Kitten.

Norwegian Forest Kitten.

Here’s Ichi:



Here’s a great video – Ichi to a tee.  He’s a beautiful, fluffy, tough, intelligent, healthy, long-lived cat. He has a mane in the winter which sheds out in the summer. He has long hair in his ears and pretty much wears mittens on all his feet.  Animal Planet, Norwegian Forest Cats.

Ichi is an exceptional cat with an exceptional story. But he’s also the reason I can’t sleep in my own bed:

Ichi sleeps on my pillows.

Ichi sleeps on my pillows.

Over the past couple years I’ve developed a cat allergy. Nothing major, just some asthma when I sleep with him. Every so often I sleep in the guest room to get away from the cat dander. Ichi has been a member of the family for 18 years. I don’t have the heart to exclude him from the family bed. So if I have to wash the sheets every other day and haul the quilt to the laundromat once a week? Small price to pay for a totally cool cat. True love…




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19 Responses to Meow… Oh my poor kitty-cat. (My for real cat.)

  1. Casey Wyatt says:

    He is so beautiful!! And yes, a small price to pay for exquisite cat love!!

    For the past 15 years, I haven’t been able to put my feet straight to the bottom of the bed because Pepito sleeps there. He’s got me trained not to kick him in the night!!

  2. It’s true, Casey. They train us. ;)

  3. Ichi Ban is so beautiful. Doesn’t Ichi Ban mean “number one”? You’re very kind and he’s totally living up to his name claiming your pillow : )

  4. Jaye says:

    Aw, Ichi reminds me of Lynx, who is also big, fluffy, attitudinal and a fun cat. Pity about the allergy. I’m surprised he hasn’t followed you into the guest room to claim that bed, too. Heh.

  5. Penelope says:

    Carl has this problem with Lucy. She LOVES our bed. And Carl is sneezing. o.O

  6. Tell Carl I feel for him. I’m wheezing. :)

  7. I keep the door to the guest room closed, Jaye. But I can’t bring myself to kick Ichi out of my room. I suspect I’d love Lynx.

  8. Yes, means Number One, Kat. He knows he’s number one – bosses the dog around. He’s known around the neighborhood as the beautiful cat.

  9. anny cook says:

    Yep…I had asthma until we had to let our kitty go home. But after that I couldn’t chance having another. :-(

  10. Sad, huh Anny. I’ll deal with the asthma I guess.

  11. Sandra Cox says:

    You’re a good cat mom, Ms. Julia. You make me proud:)

  12. Sandra Cox says:

    PS Have you thought of getting an air filtration system? I run one in my bedroom for the same reason.

  13. Amber Skyze says:

    Oh the things we do for our furry babies. :)

  14. Tom Stronach says:

    Cats really do rule the world, sheesh

  15. Yes they do, Tom. Well, maybe this one rules my house. ;)

  16. Totally true, Amber. We are suckers for those cute furry faces.

  17. Good suggestion, Sandra. I’ll consider it.

  18. Roberta says:

    True love. Animals – pets – are amazing and give so much.

    Had never heard of this breed before today. Viking pedigree. Makes them tops in the feline world.

    Ichi is beautiful. Understand why you do what you do.

  19. Yeah, Roberta – Vikings rule! Ichi has a terrific backstory. One day I’ll spill the beans.