Seriously belated update.

I’m dreaming…

Well, it’s like this — have house guests and, uh, just like in 2013, loads of personal stuff going on all at once.  I’m hoping for an opportunity to write.  I’m currently (not) writing an interesting novel.  Working title?  Caleb Wiseman. We’ll see. I may be too busy to give the WIP its due– about a third of the way through– but I’m dreaming about it, one chapter at a time. I’m super excited about this book, just don’t have much free time.

Still waiting to hear if the finger needs surgery. It’s uuuugly, man. Super ugly. Hubs tore his left meniscus (knee) which is going to require a repair. Puts a crimp in his running style, let me tell you! And I have some traveling to do this year. Kids need me. It’s great to be needed tho, I swear!

In the meantime, I am loving my first ever slow-cooker.  I’ve never before owned a slow cooker.  Just made the best barbecued pork shoulder and today I’m making beans and chicken. This is so fun! Damn, I’m lovin’ it!

Slow cooker from JCPenny!

Slow cooker from JCPenny!

All right. Gotta get to it. Oh, The Soul Series will be free starting January 14th. Go get it, babycakes!

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18 Responses to Seriously belated update.

  1. anny cook says:

    *Snicker* Well, I would have thought you’d be first on the block for the slow cooker. Hmmm. Very sorry to hear about your finger AND the hubs knee. Hope you both heal very, very quickly. Enjoy the cooking!

  2. Ray Plasse says:

    It’s just like I saw an episode of “ER”. I feel much better about myself now……Oh……Love the slow cooker news…..REALLY…….Great to know the book is going so well…….REALLY! :P

  3. Damn you, Ray! Remind me I’m boring why don’t ya???

  4. Thanks, Anny. Yeah, I know. Can’t believe I’ve never owned a slow cooker!

  5. Ray Plasse says:

    It’s a dirty job but someones gotta do it.

  6. Roberta says:

    What a cute little slow cooker. Never got into those. Had one once. Worried about it all day at school that my condo was burning down. I am crazy like that.

    However, cute as slow cooker is, it is not as gorgeous as the man on the cover if your new book. Who needs slow cookers when I can ogle.

    Take care of you. ….and your finger.

  7. Maybe you two can share an operating room? ;)
    My real question, though, is this: you’re kidding, right, about this being your FIRST slow cooker? When I was in graduate school–and that was thirty years ago–I learned how to fix every main dish you can imagine in my slow cooker. The work was up front, early in the morning, and I had to get up a little earlier. But to drag in tired and hungry at the end of the day and have dinner ready…mmm…priceless!

  8. Oh yeah, Marylin. Like Roberta I was too terrified of burning down the house! I’m loving this – making my second meal! Just broke my damn toe too. I swear…

  9. It is very cute, Roberta. And not as scary as I thought. Ogle away!

  10. Amber Skyze says:

    I love my slow cooker.
    Hope the hubby has a quick recovery and of course I hope you can get by without surgery.
    Funny how no matter how old our children are they need us. Yes it feels good. :)

  11. Penelope says:

    I have tons of slow cooker recipes at Pinterest. Check out my board.

    I’m going to try the stuffed peppers this week!

  12. What great recipes, Penny. I really need to spend more time on pinterest.

  13. How true, Amber. They do need us.

  14. anny cook says:

    For real? You broke your toe??? Com’on…

  15. Sandra Cox says:

    Dang, hope all goes well with your finger. Same goes for the hh.
    Wish I lived closer, so I could sample your delicious meals,er, the vegetarian ones:)

  16. Thanks, Sandra. Finger is no good. Annoying. I can make vegetarian options for almost everything. Was a vegetarian for most of my life. ;)

  17. Oh Anny. What are you going to do with me…