Trying not to jynx it!

Gettin’ ready for the big game – the ‘Niners vs the Seahawks. It’s gonna get ugly, my friends.

Regardless, if one is a football fan, one is obligated to put out a football spread. Football food is an essential part of fandom. My contribution will be tuna cream cheese chili dip with veggies, pine nut humus with pita chips, artichoke dip with jalapenos, salsa and chips. And beer. Lots of beer.

Go ‘Niners!


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6 Responses to Trying not to jynx it!

  1. Ray Plasse says:


  2. Roberta says:

    Since I have no dog in this race I hope your team wins!

  3. Thanks, Roberta – lost but oh well. I can still cheer for the Denver Broncos since they are a classy team.

  4. Yeah Ray. I know how you are…

  5. Sandra Cox says:

    Go Team!
    I say, what’s so wrong with veggie burgers……. :)

  6. Sandra – heheheheheheheh!