I truly hate photos of myself,

especially selfies, when I’m trying to balance without my crutches, when I look like I’m near death– that’s what my dad always says about himself in photos– “I look like I’m near death and people always tell me, Oh Maynard, I’m soooo sorry you’re ill.” And my hair is all wet and stringy.

But I LOVE this Passive Voice tee-shirt so much I’m gonna suck it up and post this!

Go ahead, enlarge it and read the tee-shirt. It’s perfect.

Yeah, stop looking at my face, you're supposed to be reading the tee-shirt.

Yeah, stop looking at my face, you’re supposed to be reading the tee-shirt.


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23 Responses to I truly hate photos of myself,

  1. Your hair is cute. The T shirt is funny.

  2. Oh Steph, I love you so!

  3. I see a slim young woman with a lovely wide smile and perfect teeth.

    She could probably use a little makeup, and the hair looks a bit too much like the chewed-by-a-goat look much favored by a certain blonde actress for my taste, but heck – hair is easy to change.

    And the T shirt is hard to read unless you click on it to make it bigger (which is why people would look at the face).

    Any other little silly self-image problems, you just bring them to me.

    I’m lately looking at many pictures from when I was a Girl Guide in Mexico as a teen, and felt like the largest person in creation, and I neither was, nor looked, especially by modern standards. There is something in modern agriculture that is causing people in general to be heftier than we use to be – even many of the young people.

    I hope they figure it out SOON.

  4. Oops. Turned italics on – thought I had turned them off.

  5. I do have good teeth, Alicia. ;) Yeah, silly little self-image problems. I like the italics!

  6. Penny Watson says:

    You look totally adorable! And that T-shirt is the bomb! LOVE IT!

  7. Thank you, Penny. Aw shucks. I do love this t-shirt!

  8. Sandra Cox says:

    I love the pic! You look cute as a button. And the T Shirt is great:)

  9. Roberta says:

    You make money writing? I am in awe. I bow down to you as a Writing Goddess!

    You look great BTW!

  10. Thanks, Sandra. I think that t-shirt is outstanding!

  11. LOL Roberta! I do make money sometimes! Every time I have a picture taken I think I look tired. I guess I’m tired!

  12. Ray Plasse says:

    Aren’t all writers tired? Cool shirt. :)

  13. Totally, Ray. On both counts. ;)

  14. Amber Skyze says:

    Your selfie is adorable and I love the shirt! :)

  15. I should get me one of those! I love it!

  16. He has a link to order them on his site, Lex. From Zazzle.

  17. Tom Stronach says:

    Bollocks, you look great stop being so Carly

  18. Hey, what’s a Carly, Tom? And I look tired by god!

  19. anny cook says:

    *Snort* My last check was 5.99. I bought a bag of Dove’s Mint and Dark Chocolates… and a coffee. Love the shirt and wished I looked so good.

  20. Oh Anny- too funny! The shirt is great, huh!

  21. Diana Stevan says:

    I agree with Penny. You do look adorable. What’s not to like? I think we women are way too hard on ourselves. It’s the damn media publishing photos that have been not only professionally taken but air brushed and photo shopped. Enough, I say. Let’s embrace life! And good for you for publishing a photo that you weren’t sure about. We all have those moments.

  22. Thanks, Diana. I have never liked photos of myself. However… I can do this. (Keep repeating that mantra.) I received a photo of my cousin standing in the snow. Loads of snow in Winnipeg! And she is, and has always been, adorable.