Covers Covers Everywhere…

Ya know, I’m trying to find the right cover for Winnerland and so I’ve gone back and forth from a very evocative cover to a stark literary cover and back to the cover that initially drew me in.

I’ve received a few suggestions – that the first cover was too scary- made readers think of child abduction, which the book sorta is…

Cover #1

Cover #1

It’s been suggested to me that the literary cover is too stark, gives the reader no sense of what lies beneath.

Cover #2

Cover #2

So I’ve compromised. Changed the cover to from literary to a little more literal. We’ll see. I like it. I think it draws the eye and hints something about the two protagonists.

Cover #3

Cover #3

Winnerland might just be the best book I’ve written and ain’t nobody reading it. Breaks my heart.

It’s only 99 cents for your Kindle. Or if you like I’ll send you a signed print copy. Leave me your email address and I’ll contact you – leave the address as in youraddress(at)gmail(dot)com

Free. Book. What could be better? Well, maybe a good barbecue, but other than that what could be better???

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14 Responses to Covers Covers Everywhere…

  1. Diana Stevan says:

    Julia, I’ve read your lovely book. Just finished it. So nicely done. I felt I was there with the characters, and stayed with them to the end. A powerful piece that I’m sure will be the kind of book in book clubs that provokes discussion on a number of levels.

    As for the cover, I do like #1 and I can see #3 working. My favorite of the three is #1, but as I said, you have a strong cover in #3 as well. The middle one doesn’t say much to me.

  2. Just a thought. My first, when I saw the new cover, was that the black was a bird.

    It is also very stark, color-wise.

    The solution might be to make the arms have a little color, to humanize them and make it apparent that at thumbnail size, this isn’t a single black object, but two (possibly slightly different colored) arms?

    Make it small and stand back and look at it postage-stamp size, and see what you think. Look at the YA covers and see if there aren’t things you can do that give you that flavor. But entwined hands need to look like entwined hands. Possibly more human figures, with it obvious one is a boy, one a girl? Some barbed wire with it?

    You know the cover goes with the story. But a reader has to know that before.

    Just my random thoughts on a subject I know nothing about. And remember, it’s out there forever – once a few people in the right audience (which may be wider than you think) get hold of it…

    Oh, and your name is muddied by the bottom of that lane/road – make sure it’s crystal clear. The BA mushes together, and the first T is almost invisible against the background.

    You know I loved the story.

  3. THis is YA right?? If I thought it would help u at all I would say let’s do a feature. But, I don’t think YA people stop in much. Maybe I am wrong – so if you wanted to i would be most amenable. :-E

  4. Oh thanks, Steph! Yes, do it!

  5. Oh Alicia I’m so confused…

  6. Yes, Diana, I like #1 too, but it didn’t seem to resonate with readers. Who knows? Might go back to #1 next month. Thanks for your kind words.

  7. anny cook says:

    I have it on my Kindle! Just haven’t had time to read, but since it on there, I will. Will let you know when I finish it! As for the cover, I liked the first one and the third one is okay, but the middle one reminds me of a snow covered road in a blizzard…

  8. AD Starrling says:

    Shared and purchased! :D
    AD Xx

  9. Thanks, Anny. And it is a snow covered road in a blizzard. Which is sort of appropriate.

  10. anny cook says:

    Ah! Well, then. Go for it!