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Mari never expects to find herself caged in a cargo hold on a spaceship. She quickly learns from her captors she’s headed to the meat market. When they try to return her to hypersleep, she resists. After allowing her to stay awake, Mari realizes her survival depends on connecting with the male in charge, Ekkatt. She must make him see her as a sentient being or she will end up as dinner.

Ekkatt has never spoken to any human. They are valued for one thing, the money they bring at auction. The Attun race is vegetarian, but other species prize human flesh and bring in good money. Then the female with red hair speaks to him and forces him to admit she has a name. Mari throws Ekkatt’s entire life into question, the biggest question…can he watch her sold to the highest bidder?

anytime darlin'

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Anytime Darlin’

Paramedic Jake McKenna drops to his knees beside the young woman. Beaten, starved, she’s barely breathing, burning with fever. He stabilizes her, but when she opens her green eyes and stares, panic-stricken, into his, he realizes this is only the beginning of their relationship.

Devlin Barre has been through hell. If her uncle finds her, she’s dead. When she looks into the warm brown eyes of the paramedic, she knows deep in her bones she can trust this man with her life.

Devlin and Jake grow close, but, fearful of commitment, Devlin runs off to rebuild her life, leaving Jake heartbroken.

Five years later, Jake and Devlin meet again. Neither has forgotten a single detail of their time together. Both harbor the secret hope that they can begin again–this time, for keeps. But Devlin isn’t the only person who ran off. Her uncle still waits for the right opportunity to get the one person who got away.


Push your boundaries in my hottest Contemporary Romance, Pushing Her Boundaries.

Maggie is done with men. Flying to Minneapolis to celebrate her sister’s engagment, she’s seated beside the type of man she always falls for. A sexy, arrogant alpha jerk.

Mace Williams irritates the woman next to him. She’s so damn sexy, he doesn’t care.

When their seatmate suffers a cardiac arrest, Maggie and Mace team up to save his life, but it’s too late.

In Minneapolis, Maggie heads to a restaurant with her sister, only to find Mace waiting. Worse, she learns he’s the brother of her sister’s fiance. Stuck in her sister’s apartment with Mace, Maggie offers him one night of sex, anything goes. No obligations, no recriminations. Mace agrees…he wants more than Maggie’s body, he wants her heart.

Thrown into a disastrous canoe trip, they must work together to survive. Maggie must face her demons and trust Mace with her life. Mace is determined to save her, regardless of what the future brings.


It don’t come any more smokin’ hot than this one. (Giggle!)

One Four All, a sizzling Science Fiction love fest.

(That’s my arm and tattoo by the way.) As author Penny Watson says to me– “You can’t even dumb down porn! One Four All is written with the intelligent woman in mind.” 

Lira Pakan, heir to the Throne of Zhinshu, has vanished. Her zealots gather along the border with the neighboring state of Khubuk, awaiting the outcome of her father’s pleas to the World Court.

Captain Tanner Kepp serves in the elite Special Forces of Khubuk. When the captain is ordered to choose two men to accompany him to Land’s End, an isolated compound on the maritime border between Khubuk and Zinshu, the last thing he expects to find is the missing princess.

Captain Kepp, Arms Master Cer Watso and Sergeant Redda Till realize they must rescue her to avert all out war. The princess, however, has other plans. These men can be more than her rescuers. According to the law of Zhinshu, she must choose three men as consorts. Her people say: “one to guard the right hand, one to guard the left hand, and one to guard the back, always.

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