One Four All, by Julia Rachel Barrett (That’s me!)

jrb-ofa3So I got the cutest review over on Amazon for One Four All – which matters because you know I only have three, wait, let me repeat that, three reviews in total. So one more review is a 33.33% improvement over what I had previously. Right? Am I right? You know I’m right!

I can’t post the entire review because all reviews belong to the reviewer. You can read it here– One Four All — but I can quote it:

I really enjoyed how Julia brought all the characters to life. Sometimes in menage stories the men all sort of blur together but here Kepp, Red and Wat are all very distinct individuals who had never even considered sharing a woman together. And what a woman they meet. Lira is a strong character who embodies what a princess should be and while you know she will win over her men, because it is a romance story after all…

I would definitely be willing to read a continuation of this story with these characters going forth from the end of this book and dealing with all the trials of a royal marriage where the woman is the royal heir. I’m sure it would be a very good read based on this part of the story.
*hint to Julia*

Dear lovely reviewer- Hint taken.

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8 Responses to One Four All, by Julia Rachel Barrett (That’s me!)

  1. Amber Skyze says:

    Hahahaha, not so subtle hint. I’m with the reviewer. I wouldn’t mind you continuing their stories. ;)

  2. I believe all reviews on Amazon are the property of Amazon in perpetuity. One reason I do not like to post there. I always have to rewrite my review when I do. :-(

  3. I’m not sure about Amazon, Steph. I agree with you but at the same time Amazon does let reviewers remove their reviews which leads me to believe the reviews still belong to the reviewers.

  4. Yeah, working on it, Amber. It’s on the list. :)

  5. anny cook says:

    GREAT review! So pleased for you!

  6. Oh, I can soooo relate to those stats. But that’s lovely and very much an incentive to carry on.

  7. Oh, I know, Greta! 33.33%. Geez!