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The question is conspicuous by its absence.

Someone needs to ask the question– Why does this keep happening? Why does great talent keep killing itself with drugs? Phillip Seymour Hoffman is only the latest. Is it the kind of person drawn to the performance arts? Is it … Continue reading

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In Gratitude.

  Many thanks to those who sacrifice for our freedoms. My father served in the army and was assigned to the Counter Intelligence Corps. An uncle served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War. An uncle served as a … Continue reading

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A Parent is only as happy as her most unhappy Child.

Someone once said those words to my husband and as far as I’m concerned, truer words were never spoke. This is a stressful time for us, folks. Bear with me. This blog is insignificant in the larger scheme of things. I’ll … Continue reading

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Migraine Time.

Be back when it’s gone. Peace. Out. Julia

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Yes I do know my own name.

My name’s spelled wrong.  Working on something here.  I do know how to spell my own name— it’s a simple mistake I’m trying to correct. Be patient.  I’m not a techie person. But I need a little time to mess … Continue reading

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