My Books

Here are my books, divided by genre or sub-genre:

1.  Series:

The Soul Series – A Paranormal Series.

Book One – Incorporeal

Book Two – In the Flesh

Book Three – Stay

Book Four – The Soul Series Special Edition, an omnibus of all three.

Daughters of Persephone – A Space Opera in Four Parts.

Book One – Exile

Book Two – Return

Book Three – Reborn

Book Four – The Red Demon

Book Five – The Daughters of Persephone, A Space Opera, Special Edition, an omnibus of all four.

2.  Science Fiction:

Captured – a M/F alien abduction romance – Winner of the 2011 Booksellers Best First Book.

One Four All – a F/M/M/M work of futuristic science fiction

Vixen – a comic-book novella

Vixen Two – a comic-book novella

Vixen Three – a comic-book novella

3.  Erotic with some light BDSM elements:

Beauty and the Feast – a work of romantic comedy

Pushing Her Boundaries 

The Artist – a short story

4.  Romance with some Erotic elements:

Anytime Darlin’

My Everything – Winner of Single Title Mainstream Romantic Suspense, The Lories Best Published, 2011

You Might Just Get It – a short story

A Matter of Taste – a short story

5.  Women’s Fiction with some Romantic elements:

Come Back To Me

Liz and Me – a short story

6.  Non-Romance:

Is It Spicy?

Poems of Love and Hate

Seeing Pictures

7.  Non-Fiction:

One Foot In Heaven.

8. Young Adult Literature:


9. Collections

A Matter of Taste, From the Sweet to the Spicy, Romance for Every Palate.



8 Responses to My Books

  1. Charlotte says:

    Just read captured and loved it! Will you be writing anymore sci-if romance?

  2. Michele Vallet says:

    Just finished reading “Beauty And The Feast” and I really enjoyed it. The main characters were great and I liked the glimpse we got of Tom and Marcus. It ocurred to me that there might be opportunites for a series using other employees of the agency. Any plans for that?

    Thanks for an enjoyable read!

  3. Thanks, Michele! You know… maybe! ATAP will probably have to hire a replacement for Eva. Could be a guy…

  4. Thank you, Charlotte. Just saw your comment. I actually have a story planned for Ekkatt’s brother.

  5. Sandra Cox says:

    Sounds like some good ideas for more stories, Julia.

  6. Well, I hope, Sandra!

  7. Sarah Herrera says:

    I have a question is the book come back to me based on true events? Its so sad what has happened to that poor girl. I know you mentioned that it was partially true. If so what was the girls name?

  8. Hi Sarah. Thanks for reading. Yes, the girl grew up. She’s fine. She’s me.

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