Updated! About Me.

Feeding Delilah!

Feeding Delilah!

Hi and welcome.  This site has been my official blog site.  It is now my official website.  If you’re new to my world, feel free to poke around and get a feel for the place.  I discuss my life, my books, my interests.  I might post an occasional op ed piece or maybe a book or movie review.

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6 Responses to Updated! About Me.

  1. Laurie says:

    Just got done reading “Beauty and the Feast”.

    Great story!

    Had to skip over the sex scenes…too steamy for me…not because I’m a prude, but because I don’t need any excitement like that in my life at the moment…lol!

    Very very very good story, though. Loved the ending!

  2. Thank you Laurie! I’m glad you liked the book. I’m rewriting My Everything which is less-steamy!

  3. Laurie says:

    Hi Julia,
    I am a different Laurie then the one who posted above. Like her I just finished reading Beauty and the Feast but unlike her I LOVED the sex scenes! LOL Actually I loved the whole book. I especially loved how they fell in love with just listening to each other first. I also loved Eva and her potty mouth. Mainly because it is so real. I think it would be great to have a follow up book about Stephanie. Maybe she and Eva could become good friends (imagine that!) and she could help her find her own little chef. Maybe teach Stephanie a thing or to about food. LOL Anyway just wanted to say how much I loved this book and am looking forward to reading more. Do you have any others that are like this one. Thanks again. :)

  4. Thank you, Laurie! So glad you enjoyed the book. I sent you an email.

  5. Beth Harrelson says:

    To quote Laurie who posted on July 26th “I just finished reading Beauty and the Feast but unlike her I LOVED the sex scenes! LOL Actually I loved the whole book.”

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this, since I thought I was reading a paranormal book! I picked it up on Amazon as a freebie last October. I enjoy the freebies because it helps me find new authors that I will enjoy. Having said that, I feel bad that I didn’t pay for it. However, I will now be buying the rest of your books. And BTW, the sex scenes were some of the most imaginative I’ve read to date, especially the last one.

    So glad I found you, looking forward to reading all of your work.
    Thanks!? :)

  6. Thank you, Beth. Means a lot!

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