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Winner of the 2010 Booksellers Best First Book Award: 
A haunting chimera of a science fiction story and a morality play– Captured won’t fit into a conventional genre. A human woman, destined for the lucrative meat market, is saved by the very Attun trapper who captured her. Ekkatt seeks absolution for his many sins while Mari must deal with her own inner turmoil. After all, she’s sleeping with the enemy. Everywhere the couple turns death awaits, either at the hands of law enforcement or the religious authorities. In this far distant corner of the galaxy, despite the dangers posed by the journey, Mari and Ekkatt search the wilderness of Attun-Ra for a rumored sanctuary. They have no other choice.

Captured is available in both ebook and print. You can buy your copy from the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Amazon Print:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Barnes and Noble:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Kobo:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Apple:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Scribd:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

Page Foundry:  Captured by J.R. Barrett

And now–

Out as an audio book! Here you go:

One Foot In Heaven, Journey of a Hospice Nurse


Big News– Vixen Three is available!


I’m in trouble. I helped free Green Ghost from an eternity in purgatory, but now Alley Cat is stuck in my brain, sharing my body. I’ve had barely a month or so to recover from birthin’ the first super baby, and the Council of Superheroes is already after me. My lover, Nighthawk, won’t break the rules, so it’s up to me to clear my name, free Super Villain, Alley Cat, from my head, and, oh, I’m expecting super baby number two. You think I’ve done enough for superhero kind?

You can buy a copy for a mere $0.99 right here! Vixen Three

Take some time to look around. On my Book Page you’ll find all my books, single titles, series and short stories. You can read Readers’ Favorite Posts, learn all About Me, and check out my Extra features. Right now, my YA/Thriller, Winnerland, is in the spotlight. I’ve added a new page from Beauty and the Feast: Eva’s Recipes

While you’re on Amazon, check out my new short story~ Seeing Pictures for a mere $0.99.


A military dog handler and a good listener and a conversation about two tours in Vietnam.

You can find Seeing Pictures here.

Winnerland has a new/old cover. I’ve decided to return the book to it’s original look. Check it out–


What happens when a sheltered only child and a street-wise orphan are forced to work together in order to stay alive? Two strangers, Caleb and Jael, are thrown together under dire circumstances, joined at the hip, as their captors say. Their singlular focus? Survival. 

A gripping story of courage, determination, sacrifice and survival. A pre-apocalyptic tale told in vivid terms by our hero, Caleb Wiseman.

And I’m working on an audio book! So far so great!

No free books this week – but I will have some surprises for the holidays. Stay tuned!

Miss you! Love, Julia


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