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Howdy! If you’re brand new to my books, welcome. If you’re an old friend, fan, reader… welcome back!

Me modeling last year's Christmas gift!

Me modeling last year’s Christmas gift!

Please take the time to look around. On my Book Page you’ll find all my books, single titles, series and short stories. You can read Readers’ Favorite Posts, learn all About Me, and check out my Extra features. Right now, my difficult to categorize YA/Thriller, Winnerland, is in the spotlight.

My new short story~ Seeing Pictures will be free for your Kindle from 10/21-1025.



A military dog handler and a good listener and a conversation about two tours in Vietnam.

I’m loving the cover, a collaboration between J.W. Manus and myself. You can find Seeing Pictures for a mere $0.00 right here on Amazon.

In other news – I can’t recommend the movie, Her, unless you a. feel like getting really depressed or b. want your husband to realize he’s having an affair with his operating system and just how sick that is.

Jake is wonderful. He’s been an amazing dog of late. Mr. Amazing!

Works in progress:  Wait for it…  Vixen Two, Vixen Three, They Don’t Tell Us Why, One For Me, and a boatload of other stuff. I will keep you apprised of my progress.

Boy oh boy, do I ever miss you! Love, Julia

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