So how’s your blog?

Teach me?

Teach me?

Do you get a lot of advice?  I read a lot of advice about how to blog.

Some experts, cuz there are definitely blog experts, say – pick a theme and stick with it.  For instance -

Blog about the craft of writing.

Ehhh, that ain’t me.

Blog about your books.

Yeah.  I can see this.  Just not all the time.

Blog about other authors and their books.

Again.  I can see this.  Just not all the time.

I’ve even read articles advising authors not to blog.  Advising that instead we should simply maintain a website with information about our books.  Hmmmm.

I know I can be scattered, stream of consciousness, boring, but I like blogging.  It’s a good outlet for me.  I can kick back, say a whole lotta nuthin’.  Sometimes it’s a major flail.  On rare occasions I hit one out of the park.  Variety.

A theme is important if you’re say – J.W. Manus and one of your blogs, EBooks = Real Books, is designed to help authors learn how to format, or if you’re The Passive Voice and you are a clearing house for articles and opinions about authors, books, and the vast world of publishing.

Author Marylin Warner writes a beautiful thematic blog – Things I Want To Tell My Mother.  She may be the only author I know who pulls it off week after week.  In other words, she’s creative, writes well, and keeps it interesting.  She sets the bar high.  I doubt I could manage it.

So, what do you think?  Should we, authors, stick to one theme?  Or to each his own?