One is under no obligation to reciprocate.

However, in this business I am frequently reminded of the song by Allen Toussaint, performed by one of my favorites– the late great Lowell George of Little Feat-

Here’s a portion of the song, On Your Way Down, from Lyrics Database:

Since the beginning it hasn’t changed yet
People fly high begin to lose sight
You can’t see very clearly when you’re in flight

It’s high time that you found
The same people you misuse on your way up
You might meet up
On your way down

Vintage wines from the year ’62
It’s your thing, it’s your thing
It pleases you
You got to frown when you cross town
You think it’s an honor just to have you around

It’s high time that you found
The same dudes you misuse on your way up
You might meet up
On your way down

FYI – It’s not because I’m stuck up.  Or because I don’t want to talk to you– I mean the reason I closed my FB account and the reason I don’t hang out much on Twitter.

I closed my FB account because FB was  annoying the hell out of me.  I don’t hang out much on Twitter because it’s too distracting and I don’t have much extra time.

Yeah, I know I’m out of the loop.  I know I miss most of the drama and goings on in Twittersville, but if you ever want to talk to me give me a holler.  I’ll respond.  Or you can always email me.

I guess you could say I speak when spoken to.

But that’s not really the point of this blog.  My point is simple.  There’s this person – no, none of you – who needed my help on his way up.  I provided him with help.  I was generous with my time.  When he made it big, I became a nonentity in his world.

To be honest, it hurt like the dickens.  When something like this happens, in either our personal or professional lives, it stings.  I think it’s really important to remember the people you meet on the way up.

So, although I ain’t up there, here’s some overdue thanks to the following authors, women who’ve stuck by me since day one of my return to the world of writing:

Fran Lee

Katalina Leon

Amber Skyze

Sandra Cox

Anny Cook

Tessie Bradford

Ladies, you are the best!




What do sick (ill) authors do when they should be working?

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From The Red Pen of Doom:  5 ways to make blog posts GO ALL VIRAL

From The Red Pen of Doom (yes, he gets two):  The Red Pen of Doom impales FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY

By Amber Skyze:  Her brutally honest harrowing tale of escape from an abusive husband.

By Lorca Damon (an oldie but goodie):  Tweets from the Bathroom

By Tom Stronach:  One Pan Leg of Lamb and Veg

From Must Love Fiction:  Marina’s Zombie Report~ The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 2, Recap  (Read the comments too.)

From Cowboy Poetry Press:  Liquid Cowboy  (The poems are gorgeous.)

By Chef John Malik:  The Good Lady Upstairs

From The Cocktail Whisperer:  Cooler Weather=Four Roses + Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer

From Vina’sdeliciousrecipes:  Fried Banana

From ars technica:  Microsoft’s first stab at a tablet, Surface reviewed

From One Good Book Deserves Another:  One Wrong Move, by Shannon McKenna  (Especially the excerpt at the end.)

Oh, and this… Breaking Clean, by Judy Blunt

“John,” Mike once asked, “how often do you tell your wife that you love her?”

“Oh, I’ve told her that before,” he replied cautiously. I cut into the conversation from my corner of the ring.

“You only told me you loved me once, and that was the day we were married,” I said.

“Well,” John said, injured and defensive, “I never took it back, did I?”

Okay, I think that’s enough for now.


Rescue Me!

So because of this darn yellow jacket allergy, and because it’s still hot here and the yellow jackets are everywhere and one might attack me anywhere, anytime, I have to carry all these rescue medications with me.  An Epipen goes in the back pocket of my jeans, for obvious reasons, but also Benadryl gel caps in the front pocket, and a rescue inhaler (a bronchodilator), in my purse or the other back pocket if I’m out in the yard in case I get stung and my airway starts to close- in addition to using an inhaled corticosteroid twice a day, morning and evening and taking a long-acting antihistamine nightly.

It’s all so complicated!  I’ve never used so many medications in my life, and this is the very first time I’ve used antihistamines.  Ewww.  Don’t like ‘em. Plus I’m now getting a venom shot once a week.  Got the concentration upped today and I’m feelin’ it, let me tell you.

There is definitely a relationship between yellow jackets and their victims – this isn’t random, believe you me.  They are attracted to certain people for unknown reasons.  They are attracted to me.  I can’t wear fragrance of any kind– that means no lotion, no perfume, no fabric softener, no fragrance in my soap or detergent or deodorant.  Heck, I barely wash my hair because it’s impossible to find a fragrance-free shampoo.

Me grocery shopping.

How I miss those long ago days when all I had to worry about was running into the occasional mountain lion while hiking… le sigh

I had this dream a couple nights ago that author Amber Skyze came for a visit.  She opened the back door and in flew an entire swarm of yellow jackets.  Oh, the situation got ugly fast.  Amber honey, I know you wouldn’t do that to me.  It was your evil twin!

Last night I dreamed I had enrolled in a cooking class taught by a famous celebrity chef, except he didn’t show up so Rachel Ray took his place.  Why Rachel Ray was in my dream I don’t know.  I haven’t watched one of her cooking shows in ages.

Anyway, the food was okay, a little under-seasoned, but this weird thing happened.  Rachel asked me to go into the kitchen and find the salt.  So I went.  Unfortunately I didn’t see the salt so  I opened the door to a walk-in pantry and there was the chef, the celebrity chef who’d been MIA – flat on his back with, uh, two women wearing chef’s hats doing, uh, stuff.  They all stopped what they were doing to stare at me.

I could feel my cheeks burning.  I said, “Excuse me,” and I shut the door.  Instead of returning to the class I left the restaurant and stood in front, in the dark, wondering where in the hell I’d parked my car because, man, I just wanted to get out of there.

Rachel Ray followed me outside.  She said, “Wait, I need your evaluation.”

I said, “I don’t think you want my evaluation.”

She slid her arm through mine and gave me a knowing look.  She pulled me back inside.  “Yes,” she said, nodding, “I really really need your evaluation.”

Daaaayamn, girl.

She took me to this stairwell where there was this loud spinning fan.  She said, “We can’t be overheard here.  Now spill.”

I was about to spill when my dog woke me up with a nose in my face – 5 a.m. wake up call on the nose.

So hey Rachel, if you still want the scoop better give me a holler.  Wouldn’t you like to know which celebrity chef?  Never thought of him as a sex machine, that’s for sure.


Incorporeal – Virtual Book Tour.

Here I come!

Right now you can visit Fangs, Wands and Fairydust to read a sweet review of Incorporeal.

There’s another wonderful review from Charlie at Smart Girls Love Scifi and Paranormal Romance.

Amber Skyze invited me to speak at her place on July 27th.  Come say hi to both of us!

July 29th I’ll be over at Rosalie Lario’s place with a guest blog.  Please drop in!

July 31st The TBR Pile will be posting a review.  Fingers crossed that it’s a good one!

August 1st I’ll be back at Charlie’s with a guest post about science fiction and fantasy – hope to see you!

August 4th I’m a guest at Desert Island Keepers, with a post and a giveaway.  Should be fun!

Author Erin Quinn has asked me to be her guest on August 10th, to discuss my love of science fiction and the source of my stories.  Again, I’d love to see you!

An ambitious schedule…I shall attempt the crest!

Tuesday or Wednesday:  How my husband taught me the value of delayed gratification and how author Katalina Leon reinforced him.

Wednesday or Thursday:  Blue Jeans and Stilettos.

Winner and Announcements!

The winner of the gift basket is Jennifer Mathis!  Congratulations!  So many of you were entered…and entered yourselves – thank you!

Jennifer – email me at and we’ll hook up!

However, so the rest of you won’t walk away empty handed, I have the following:  Four copies of Anytime Darlin’, Four copies of Pushing Her Boundaries, Four copies of The Cougar Book, Three copies of Captured and one copy of Beauty and the Feast. I also have Two e-copies of the Daughters of Persephone series and One e-copy of Come Back to Me.  Leave me a comment, along with your email addy, and let me know which book you want.  You may want to add your second choice.  First come/first served.

News:  I’m over at The Secret HEA Society talking about my own HEA.

Amber Skyze has a new release – Sex on the Beach.

Allie only wanted two weeks of peace and quiet at her friend’s beach house to get her life in perspective. She wasn’t looking for sex, drugs and a kidnapping. But that’s what she gets when she encounters not one but two tasty men.

Tony, her gorgeous next-door neighbor, has a body any woman would want to explore, and Allie crave him licking, teasing and ravishing her body with those strong hands and kissable lips. Little does she know Tony’s on the trail of a drug dealer.

Then there’s Paul, who also wants a piece of Allie…if he can possibly tear her away from Tony.

Tomorrow I just gotta let it go – watched a show on the 100 sexiest film stars.  They left off Gerard Butler!  For shame!  I’m putting up my own list!