A Ranty McRant.

So I have a giant German shepherd, right?  Jake weighs maybe 85-90 lbs and that’s solid muscle because he doesn’t eat enough to have an ounce of fat on his frame.  Solid, hard, powerful muscle.  (His predecessor, Louie, weighed in at 105 lbs of pure muscle.)

But he’s a nice guy.

Oh, Jake has his Alpha Dog moments which generally involve nothing more than posturing, but never with little dogs, never with old dogs, never with girl dogs, and only with the nasty ass feral cat that keeps attacking his cat.  (Poor Ichi-ban is really torn up again.  Damn feral cat.)

The people at the far end of the block, who shall hereafter be known as the Multi-Prius Solar Power People– don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against hybrids or Toyotas or solar power but these people are obsessed with Prius’s and solar power– have this little dog, a terrier mix.  She weighs maybe 25 pounds.  And… Tom, are you paying attention?  They never keep her on a leash.  She roams the neighborhood from stem to stern, chasing cats and people alike and… wait for it… attacking Jake.

Here’s the long version – Since I’m avoiding nasty yellow jackets I’ve been walking Jake early in the morning and after dusk, on a leash, in our neighborhood.  The stupid Multi-Prius Solar Power People leave their garage door open, oh, I don’t know, seems like 24 hours a day, thus their stupid mini-attack dog is always out in front.

If I walk on the sidewalk past their house, she attacks Jake.  If I walk in the middle of the street past their house, she attacks Jake.  If I walk on the other side of the street, she attacks Jake.  And she’ll follow us around the corner and even across the busy intersection– attacking Jake.

Don’t you think it would occur to them to keep their damn dog indoors or at least restrained?  If not because of Jake but because eventually she’s going to get flattened by a car?

Before the election these people were really bad about ignoring her because they were apparently in the midst of a Prius convention which took up our entire block.  One morning, at 7 a.m., I approached their house.  Jake was, as usual, on a leash.  This dog came flying down the driveway, right into his face, and bit him on the neck.

Now Jake, who has never reacted to this dog, who has put up with all kinds of shit from this dog for an entire year, had finally had enough.

He growled at her and lunged in her direction, chasing her into the street.  He did not bite her or injure her in any way.  He didn’t even make contact because his leash is short.  But the dog began screaming, you know, that high-pitched barking… makes you think your dog is being murdered?

The dog’s owner ran out of his house, and then his neighbor came out of his house, and they both yelled at me – “Did your dog bite her?  Did your dog bite her?”

Yeah, blame the German shepherd.

“Of course my dog didn’t bite her.  Your dog bit my dog.”

Then followed way too much harrumphing and posturing, which ended by me informing him that his dog was the problem and had been for a year.

“I would appreciate it if you would restrain your dog so I could walk on the sidewalk past your house without being harassed.”  (You dumbshit mother fucker.)

To make a long story short, he has made more of an effort to keep his garage door shut and his dog indoors.  However, just this past Monday morning Jake and I headed out the front door and down our front walkway at 6:45 a.m. and who should fly into Jake’s face?  That stupid dog out walking without a leash with its equally stupid (woman) owner.

Damn it!  Are these people incapable of learning?

Once again Jake was having none of it and he growled at the dog.  The woman totally freaked out.  Of course she could not get her idiot dog to come to her.  The dog continued to circle Jake’s legs, lunging at him, nipping at him.  I kept Jake under control, but you should have heard me.  I was so pissed off.

German shepherds get a bad rep because of their size, but Jake has never once attacked a dog, cat, person, goat, deer, rabbit… He’d like to get that nasty cat but the worst he does is chase him out of the yard.

The one good thing that came out of this last encounter (I hope) is maybe the Multi-Prius Solar Power people are beginning to realize it would just take one good nip on Jake’s part and whoops… And the responsibility will be theirs.  I’m obeying the leash law and my dog is not the aggressor.

I’m all for calling Animal Control but my husband doesn’t want to declare war just yet…

Jake vs…..