Holy Shite!

How long must I wait???

Orphan black 1

The second season of Orphan Black (on BBC America) won’t premier until Spring 2014.  Shite!  Shite!  Shite!


Vikings, second season, 2014.  Fy faen!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, fourth season, 2014.  Godsdamn!

True Blood can bite me.  It sucks!

the walking dead

The Walking Dead, fourth season, October 2013 – will watch one or two episodes to see if it’s worth my time.  Ya had to kill off Shane, didn’t ya?

downton abbey

Downton Abby premiers January 5, 2014.  Oh my dear darling, yes!

Big Bang Theory

Person of Interest

In the meantime I’ll have to make do with Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest.  Looking forward to September.

the sharons

You know… the writing for the small screen is so much more creative and interesting than writing for the big screen right now.  Orphan Black may be the best series… ever.  My passionate love for Sara Manning and her sistras rivals my love for the Sharons on BSG.

Blogs Deserve Readers.

There’s some wonderful stuff out there.

J.W. Manus usually shares the method to her formatting madness on her blog — Ebooks = Real Books.

Yesterday she asked an excellent question:  What the Heck is a Book Anyway?

“In the evenings, here of late, I’ve been taking my formatting-fried brain over to Wattpad. Browsing, snooping around, skimming stories, seeing what the kids are up to. It’s fascinating, actually. I suggest anyone who writes YA and wants to know what matters most with kids today, spend a few hours on Wattpad. Thousands, maybe millions of young people are pouring their hearts out on the virtual page, using stories as social activities and developing communication skills via the written word.

“It’s a free-wheeling, free-for-all, and I’d say the majority of writers on Wattpad not only don’t know the “rules” of writing, but don’t really give a shit that rules exist. (This appeals to my inner-anarchist.)”

The rest of the article is definitely worth your time.  I’m enjoying Wattpad right along with Jaye.  The site is a barometer of this new generation, as in New Adult.  See what they’re reading and writing.  Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Like Jaye, I believe arbitrary rules are made to be broken, especially when it comes to individual creativity.  I guess I’m a scofflaw.

To satisfy your inner sci fi nerd, check out The Musings and Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard.  His post on Battlestar Galactica is the first I’ve read that does the new BSG justice.



“See, as a lover of storytelling, the idea of breaking down what I consider almost a perfect show feels a little… well… sacrilegious.

“This is writing voodoo, and I almost want to keep the show safe in my heart, not expose it to the world; letting the memory of experiencing it over the course of its run continue to survive as a cherished memory.

“So after struggling over the idea and what to actually say, I decided to set some ground rules for myself. Yeah, I’m going to do something different here, focusing on only three points I want to say about the show. Yet, here is the rub: I am going to attempt to do it without ruining even a minute of it.

“Yup, I’m going to avoid spoilers, plot points, and, to make this even more difficult for myself, I am even going to avoid naming characters.

“Why would I burden myself with such limitations, especially with a show that has been off the air for a few years now? Because this show deserves that kind of respect. Honestly, if you give it a chance it will speak for itself.”

Read the rest here:  Battlestar Galactica:  Humanity’s Show.

In my world the new BSG is the quintessential science fiction series.  So much so I can’t re-watch it as I can episodes of Firefly.  Once was lightning in a bottle.  Can’t be repeated.  And like Scott, I have no interest in prequels or sequels.  Impossible to improve upon perfection.

So go, read, enjoy.  Julia

My husband broke my Cylon toaster

and then he complained about it and said he never liked it anyway because it ejects the toast up into the air and you have to stand nearby, prepared to catch it.  (I can actually catch it on my plate.  He catches it with his hands.)

Ejecting Toast in a Cylon fashion.

But it’s my Cylon toaster…. Waaaaaaaa!

So last night I fixed it.  I hot glued the handle back on, much to my husband’s dismay and disgust and discouraging words – “That’ll never hold…”

So far so good.  Now that I’ve made some lemon curd I must have Cylon toast upon which to spread it.


Homemade Lemon Curd


What’s a woman supposed to watch after the WORLD SERIES?

I’ve lost all interest in The Walking Dead, Season Three.  Sorry, Barbara.  It IS SO NOT working for me this time around.  What a heart-breaker.

To jump the shark in television terms:  The moment when a show is no longer worth watching due to a very contrived episode. The term comes from the Happy Days Hawaii miniseries.

It was tragic when True Blood lost its magic -which happened for me during the All Maryann All the Time slog through Season Two.

The All Maryann Channel

Ah well.

Firefly never got the opportunity to jump the shark.  A mixed blessing.

Jayne – my favorite anti-hero

Battlestar Galactica occasionally sagged a little, but I could get past a somewhat lackluster episode because even if the action sputtered, there were still moments of subtle interaction, character growth, birth, rebirth, and death – moments that made the show worth watching.

So far this second season of Person of Interest has been stunning~ If anything, the second season is more engrossing than the first.  Good writing.  Accept no substitutes.

Here is what I’m about to embark on, in terms of a cutting age television adventure (have to watch via Hulu)~

FAITHLee Min Ho stars in a thrilling fantasy epic, as an elite warrior in 1300′s Korea who travels to the 21st century to find a doctor capable of healing the Queen. In a comic twist, his search for a doctor with godlike abilities leads him to a popular plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun. When she refuses to believe his outlandish story, he kidnaps her, dragging her back into the past to save the Queen. Will this stoic warrior give up his code of honor and choose love over war, and will this career woman ever consider a life less modern? Only time will tell, quite literally.

I’m excited, subtitles and all!

Most very excellent news!

I am a Jamie Fraser lover.  There are some amazing romance heroes out there, like Marc Chastain from Kill and Tell, Gray Roulliard from After the Night, KMM’s Highlanders and Fae – but nobody beats Jamie.  He’s the quintessential romance hero, hands down, especially in the first book, Outlander.  (I never believed he’d marry that blond skanky bitch in a later book– not my Jamie.  I don’t care how lonely, he would nay hae done it!)

The news:  Ronald D. Moore, the brains behind the new BSG (Battlestar Galactica about which I am passionate) is adapting Outlander for television.  Oh yes!  Yes!  Yes!  This is orgasmic news!

Read the story here!

BSG had maybe a single less than stellar season, but for the most part the writing was first class and the character always rocked.  Some episodes were absolute perfection and many others came close.

Now… just cast Jamie with care.  Please.  The actor must live and breathe Jamie Fraser.