The joy of real.

I don’t use the word blessed, because I don’t consider myself special, nor do I think God chooses to bless certain people while ignoring others.  However, I can say that I have been fortunate enough to spend significant face time with two authors I’ve met on line.

A little over a year ago, author Mia Watts visited me.  She and I first met in a superficial way via our shared publisher, but we really met when I read her gorgeous prose in Claimed By Darkness, and I just had to tell her how magnificent her writing is.  Claimed is the only M/M romance I’ve ever read or, for that matter, will ever read.  Just the facts, ma’am, no insult intended to all you readers of M/M.  I compared her prose to Lord Dunsany.  Wordy, evocative, lush, sensational…

Anyway, Mia let me drag her up a mountain, to the beach, all over our little valley.  She’s the same in person as she is on line, genuine, funny, enthusiastic, loyal, sweet.

Now I’ve met author and book blogger, Penny Watson, up close and personal.  I loved having her here.  What you see over at her site or read in her books, is exactly what she is.  Like Mia, she’s genuine, warm, funny, enthusiastic… not quite as sweet, she’s a bit on the spicy side!  And it’s funny, we originally met over food, and man, we ate some great meals (Morimoto anyone?) during her visit.  She read my contemporary, Beauty and the Feast, and contacted me.  The circular nature of author interactions is really very interesting!

I’m amazed I’ve had the opportunity to meet two such talented, creative, intelligent authors.  They are exactly what the genre needs to show the world that romance is not for dummies.  Penny’s most recent release, Sweet Magik, is a thinking woman’s Christmas romantic fantasy, i.e., librarian soft porn, as it was recently referred to in The Paris Review.  Damn girl, that kind of publicity is priceless!  Green with envy here…

Anyway, Penny, I am so glad you came!  Missing you already!

I saw him first!

Damn you sportscasters!  Damn you all to hell!  I saw Andres Torres first!  I picked him out last year as a baseball stud and I became a fangirl – now you all jump on my bandwagon!  Ha – I say – ha ha!  Really, ask my husband…the very first time I saw him play with the San Francisco Giants, I said, Who is that man and why doesn’t he get more playing time? Like, why isn’t he starting every game?  Of course he had some injuries last year, but anybody with half a brain could see what kind of athlete he is!

Thursday’s San Francisco ChronicleThe Sporting Green headline – Torres, as in torrid.

I like it – Torrid Torres!  On Wednesday, against the Marlins, he had a Splash Hit.  He now has two.  My other favorite Giants player, Aubrey Huff, also has two.  So…here are my guys – and they have been since the first time I saw them – Andres Torres, Juan Uribe, Aubrey Huff, Travis Ishikawa, and Jonathan Sanchez.  Yeah, sure, everybody likes The Freak, Matt Cain, and Brian Wilson.  Man, that Bumgarner can throw and Buster Posey is amazing -  why the heck wasn’t he brought up sooner???  Hmmmm???  I like every guy on that team, but I love me some Andres Torres!

Yes, there is no contradiction…you can write science fiction/romance and still love baseball.  My guys have always been baseball players.

So…Thank you very much Steph, at Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust, for letting me take over your blog yesterday and many thanks to those of you who stopped by.

Today, Friday, I’m over at Anna’s place.  She’s posted an interview with The Thousand Year Empress, Aja Bokina, a Daughter of Persephone.  Come see what makes her tick and maybe win an e-copy of this fun, sexy, romantic, kick ass science fiction book.

The ladies at Happily Ever After Reviews informed me today that Beauty and the Feast is up for cover of the month.  I’m going against some great covers.  If you feel like voting, here’s the link:

Off to play with my puppy!  He has that sweet puppy breath and he gives me kisseeeees!

A modicum of success is fucking scary!

Beauty and the Feast is hot on Fictionwise and All Romance Ebooks.  That scares me.  Yeah, I guess I’ve paid my dues in a sense, but the way we see things in my family, any success whatsoever attracts the evil eye.   Wooooooooo.  It’s like when my husband says – Gee, my car is running great! – and I slap my hand over his mouth and knock on wood – I remind him that speaking of good things is a surefire way to guarantee an immediate blown head gasket!

To make a long story short…thank you for buying my books and please keep buying them.  Maybe one of these days I’ll be PAN Eligible.  I don’t want to talk dollars and cents so if you are wondering what that is, feel free to look it up.

I think my newsletter will be out today or tomorrow – for those of you who don’t receive the newsletter, I have a new contract with Siren for my very first menage – All Four One.  This is a futuristic work of science fiction – the story takes place maybe 150 years from now in the Pacific Northwest.  I do love sci fi.  My husband says that erotic sci fi is a bit of a contradiction in terms but I find it heavenly to write.

Many thanks to Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos for her sci fi recommendation, Babel-17, by Samuel R. Delany, an unknown-to-me author and work published back in 1966.  I told her the story is like a cross between Ringworld, Albert Einstein and The Left Hand of Darkness.  The premise of the book is that language influences thought and perceived reality – not the meaning, but the words themselves.  Deep stuff!

Many thanks to Susi over at The Geeky Bookworm who asked me to guest post this past week.  If you want to win one of my books, leave a comment – she’s extended her contest for a couple days due to her school schedule.

Today is Memorial Day – my dad and all my uncles served in various branches of the Armed Forces so thank you, men and women, who put your lives on the line for us everyday!  You are never forgotten.

Playing a little catch up.

What’s up with my books?

Captured has come out in print on Amazon!  Yay!  This makes me really, really happy.  I can’t wait to get my own copy.  There’s something about seeing a book, holding a book, smelling a book, opening a book that just feels good!

The book can also be purchased for your Kindle, if you’ve got one!

Beauty and the Feast is a bestseller on Fictionwise and all it’s outlets.  This so takes me by surprise!  I’m in good company – Tessie Bradford and Desiree Holt – author friends – are there with me.

It’s also available for Kindle.

SusiSunshine over at the Geeky Bookworm invited me to post for her anniversary week – you can win an e-copy of Beauty and the Feast or Captured or My Everything. Susi will be announcing the winners on Sunday so you have plenty of time to leave a comment!

So…coming soon with Resplendence Publishing:  Daughters of Persephone, Book One Exile and Book Two Return.

Coming with Siren:  Anytime Darlin’ – my favorite romance-suspense.

Ya’ll have an excellent weekend!

Beauty and the Feast, 5 Delightful Divas from Dark Diva Reviews

Stacey’s Review:
Eva is a chef that loves her job. She takes pride in the food she makes and it shows. There are a lot of food and meal preparation descriptions, but rather than bore us, they stimulates our senses…and makes us hungry. At the end of the book, there are recipes and quick facts about the meals Eva makes in the book, which was a nice touch.

Eva is hired to prepare a romantic dinner for two for Gabriel Abbott and a date. When she discusses the meal plan on the phone with him, she falls for his sexy voice, just as he does for hers. Later, when they meet by accident, there is perfect chemistry between them and nothing is ever the same.
One of the biggest hurdles facing them is the fact that Eva is a simple country girl and Gabriel is wealthy and educated. Can their two worlds blend enough for them to have a life together? Can Eva trust Gabe, even though he has a past reputation as a playboy?

This book was great with many layers. Julia Barrett created characters so real that I could read about their daily activities all day and enjoy every minute of it. Not only the main characters, but the complimentary cast of secondary characters as well.
I found around the middle, I began to wonder where this book was going. Then a spiteful ex-girlfriend comes into the picture and creates all kinds of problems for our lovers and plenty of suspense for the reader!

If you enjoy a classic romance with a dose of suspense to keep you anxious, then give Beauty and the Feast a read. The sex was hot and the last scene of the book was just perfect and kept me smiling long after I closed the book. Julia Barrett is a talented author that can pull you out of reality with her writing. I look forward to her next release.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Stacey!