The To-Do List.

1.  Heal dislocated left ring finger so I can type reasonably well.

2.  Work on ‘static’ website.  Cool!

3.  Edit and re-release two books.  Yee-hawwww!

4.  Complete new YA.  Can’t believe I’m actually writing a YA, but if I dream it I must write it.

5.  Try not to miss Iowa tooooooo much.  Missing it.  Missing it.

6.  Stare at the amazing dystopic cover created specifically for me by a dear friend.  Then work on the dystopic story.

P.S.  Oops!  Almost forgot – make applebutter from all the apples I harvested just before I left town.  Gaaaaaaaa!

I tried, I swear.  Tried to stop blogging.  Could.  Not.  Do.  It.  So the new policy is– whenever.  Whenever is good enough.  Don’t you think?

Pullin’ A Rebecca…

*This is the post I’ve been planning for a couple weeks.  Still unsure…

Remember DSB?  Dirty Sexy Books?  Rebecca’s blog site/review site, Dirty Sexy Books was my absolute favorite blog site.  Nobody could write a quality book review like Rebecca.  Even better, she was an equal opportunity reviewer.  She didn’t care if a book was e-pubbed, indie-pubbed, trad-pubbed– she liked what she liked and she didn’t like what she didn’t like and she explained why or why not.  Rebecca may have been an amateur hobbyist blogger, but her reviews were more professional than most professional reviews I’ve read.  She was one smart cookie.

Rebecca never got into the bullshit drama that infects most high profile review sites.  She was respectful.  She respected authors and the effort that goes into writing a book even if she didn’t enjoy a particular book.

Well, one day Rebecca just walked away.  She said so long, farewell, thanks for the memories, and she closed up shop.  Left me bereft.  But I understood.

I’m thinking it’s time for me to pull a Rebecca and walk away.

Never fear, I’m not abandoning you altogether.  I love you… would never do that.  I have made the most amazing friends via this blog.  But it’s been five years now…

There will be changes–

This blog is now My Website.  The Pages Will Be Everything.  You’ll be able to use this site to learn all about memy brand ha-ha.. it is to laugh — my books, a preview of upcoming releases, my most popular blog posts, my hikes with Jake, the ranch in Montana, recipes…. It’s a brave new world folks.  My focus will be back on writing books.  I won’t be here everyday, although you can email me or contact me via twitter anytime.

Your patience is requested while I’m under construction.  (And while I consider my options.)

Stick with me.  I promise I won’t let you down.

Peace.  Out.

Peace. Out.

(Oh, by the way, don’t search for Rebecca’s website.  The domain was co-opted by a porn site.)

Change is Coming Here.

Change is good.

It’s time for a change.

Have I mentioned… change?

As Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman) says:  The times they are a-changin’.

Well, time to revamp the old blog, be a little more structured, a little less free form.

Here’s what I’m thinking~

1.  Monday Morning Updates – news, links, books I’m reading, movies I’ve seen, interesting weekend activities, plans for the coming week.  Might be a discussion about science fiction, fantasy, my latest Indie Writer discovery or an old favorite.

2.  Tuesday Treats – some kind of deliciousness.  Could be pics of food, a recipe or two, a health tip, maybe even a restaurant review.  (Snark-Snark.)

3.  Wicked Wednesday – a suggestive or sensual scene from one of my books or one of your books.  Maybe from one of my works in progress.  Or I might just quote my sexy husband because he comes up with some doozies.

4.  Thursdays with Jake – hiking with my Jakie-boy.  Birds, balloons, assorted wildlife and crazy tourist sightings.

5.  Fun Friday – anything goes.  Friday will be my free-for-all.

In the meantime I’ll be helping out with calving in Montana – feeding orphaned babies, tagging, chasing mama cows, getting chased by mama cows, pulling babies out– hopefully that’s the worst I’ll have to do.

This is me 2 years ago feeding a baby in sub-zero temps – wearing layer upon layer upon layer.

She was the cutest little calf!

She was the cutest little calf!

On April 6th I’m hosting Indie Writer A.D. Starrling and I have a few projects in the works with J.W. Manus re:  Why Science Fiction is the coolest genre ever.

Laters loves!


Is It Time to Stop Blogging?

Before you answer, read this blog by L.L. Barkat – It’s Time for (many) Experienced Writers to Stop Blogging.

What do you think?

I blog for my own reasons, not to necessarily promote my books, certainly not because I want to tell you how to write, how to succeed, how to get published, signed, sell, erect a platform… Had to get that word erect in there.

Call me crazy but I love reading about the lives of others – recipes, funny stories, sad stories, intimate stories, animal stories.  I enjoy laughter, love and learning.

Seriously – What do you think?

So how’s your blog?

Teach me?

Teach me?

Do you get a lot of advice?  I read a lot of advice about how to blog.

Some experts, cuz there are definitely blog experts, say – pick a theme and stick with it.  For instance -

Blog about the craft of writing.

Ehhh, that ain’t me.

Blog about your books.

Yeah.  I can see this.  Just not all the time.

Blog about other authors and their books.

Again.  I can see this.  Just not all the time.

I’ve even read articles advising authors not to blog.  Advising that instead we should simply maintain a website with information about our books.  Hmmmm.

I know I can be scattered, stream of consciousness, boring, but I like blogging.  It’s a good outlet for me.  I can kick back, say a whole lotta nuthin’.  Sometimes it’s a major flail.  On rare occasions I hit one out of the park.  Variety.

A theme is important if you’re say – J.W. Manus and one of your blogs, EBooks = Real Books, is designed to help authors learn how to format, or if you’re The Passive Voice and you are a clearing house for articles and opinions about authors, books, and the vast world of publishing.

Author Marylin Warner writes a beautiful thematic blog – Things I Want To Tell My Mother.  She may be the only author I know who pulls it off week after week.  In other words, she’s creative, writes well, and keeps it interesting.  She sets the bar high.  I doubt I could manage it.

So, what do you think?  Should we, authors, stick to one theme?  Or to each his own?