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Mari never expects to find herself caged in a cargo hold on a spaceship. She quickly learns from her captors she’s headed to the meat market. When they try to return her to hypersleep, she resists. After allowing her to stay awake, Mari realizes her survival depends on connecting with the male in charge, Ekkatt. She must make him see her as a sentient being or she will end up as dinner.

Ekkatt has never spoken to any human. They are valued for one thing, the money they bring at auction. The Attun race is vegetarian, but other species prize human flesh and bring in good money. Then the female with red hair speaks to him and forces him to admit she has a name. Mari throws Ekkatt’s entire life into question, the biggest question…can he watch her sold to the highest bidder?

anytime darlin'

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Anytime Darlin’

Paramedic Jake McKenna drops to his knees beside the young woman. Beaten, starved, she’s barely breathing, burning with fever. He stabilizes her, but when she opens her green eyes and stares, panic-stricken, into his, he realizes this is only the beginning of their relationship.

Devlin Barre has been through hell. If her uncle finds her, she’s dead. When she looks into the warm brown eyes of the paramedic, she knows deep in her bones she can trust this man with her life.

Devlin and Jake grow close, but, fearful of commitment, Devlin runs off to rebuild her life, leaving Jake heartbroken.

Five years later, Jake and Devlin meet again. Neither has forgotten a single detail of their time together. Both harbor the secret hope that they can begin again–this time, for keeps. But Devlin isn’t the only person who ran off. Her uncle still waits for the right opportunity to get the one person who got away.


Push your boundaries in my hottest Contemporary Romance, Pushing Her Boundaries.

Maggie is done with men. Flying to Minneapolis to celebrate her sister’s engagment, she’s seated beside the type of man she always falls for. A sexy, arrogant alpha jerk.

Mace Williams irritates the woman next to him. She’s so damn sexy, he doesn’t care.

When their seatmate suffers a cardiac arrest, Maggie and Mace team up to save his life, but it’s too late.

In Minneapolis, Maggie heads to a restaurant with her sister, only to find Mace waiting. Worse, she learns he’s the brother of her sister’s fiance. Stuck in her sister’s apartment with Mace, Maggie offers him one night of sex, anything goes. No obligations, no recriminations. Mace agrees…he wants more than Maggie’s body, he wants her heart.

Thrown into a disastrous canoe trip, they must work together to survive. Maggie must face her demons and trust Mace with her life. Mace is determined to save her, regardless of what the future brings.


It don’t come any more smokin’ hot than this one. (Giggle!)

One Four All, a sizzling Science Fiction love fest.

(That’s my arm and tattoo by the way.) As author Penny Watson says to me– “You can’t even dumb down porn! One Four All is written with the intelligent woman in mind.” 

Lira Pakan, heir to the Throne of Zhinshu, has vanished. Her zealots gather along the border with the neighboring state of Khubuk, awaiting the outcome of her father’s pleas to the World Court.

Captain Tanner Kepp serves in the elite Special Forces of Khubuk. When the captain is ordered to choose two men to accompany him to Land’s End, an isolated compound on the maritime border between Khubuk and Zinshu, the last thing he expects to find is the missing princess.

Captain Kepp, Arms Master Cer Watso and Sergeant Redda Till realize they must rescue her to avert all out war. The princess, however, has other plans. These men can be more than her rescuers. According to the law of Zhinshu, she must choose three men as consorts. Her people say: “one to guard the right hand, one to guard the left hand, and one to guard the back, always.

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Finding Noodleman. The Real Story Behind My SFR, Captured.



Mari never expects to find herself caged in a cargo hold on a spaceship. She quickly learns from her captors she’s headed to the meat market. When they try to return her to hypersleep, she resists. After allowing her to stay awake, Mari realizes her survival depends on connecting with the male in charge, Ekkatt. She must make him see her as a sentient being or she will end up as dinner. Ekkatt has never spoken to any human. They are valued for one thing, the money they bring at auction. The Attun race is vegetarian, but other species prize human flesh and bring in good money. Then the female with red hair speaks to him and forces him to admit she has a name. Mari throws Ekkatt’s entire life into question, the biggest question…can he watch her sold to the highest bidder?

The short version – Back in 2007 I dreamed a dream, the entire story of Captured. Wrote it down in two weeks and eventually found a publisher- a not-so-small E-Press, Siren-Bookstrand. I was shocked they were willing to take a chance on such a strange story. Doesn’t fit the straight science fiction category nor is it straight up romance. It is SFR- Science Fiction Romance. And the work is short, more of a novella. The book begins where my dream began and ends where my dream ended. I’ve added nothing more. In all honesty I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s simple, straightforward, and the love story is beautiful.

The long version – I graduated a year early from high school, took what I had in savings and headed to Israel for a year long Hebrew intensive (Ulpan) on a kibbutz. It took some wrangling on my part, but after a number of weeks I was assigned work in the chicken ranch– the l’ul. It’s what I wanted.

It took some wrangling on my part because when I arrived in Israel I was suffering from a pretty bad eating disorder. I weighed 84 pounds and I stood 5 feet 6 inches tall.

The first thing the Ulpan coordinator did was take me to the doctor. The doctor said, and I quote, (I already knew some Hebrew), “I haven’t seen anything this bad since the refugees arrived from the concentration camps.”

The coordinator, Gerti, couldn’t conceive of an eating disorder. However, genius that she was, she determined to alter my behavior. Her tactic? I was given one job and one job only, aside from learning Hebrew. I raked rocks out from under a particular bush and then I raked them back under that same bush for four hours every single day except Saturday, Shabbat. I was told I would do this until I gained 15 pounds at which point in time, as in once I’d gained 15 pounds, I could work in the l’ul.

Let me tell you, relieved of the stress I’d lived with at home, bored to tears with raking rocks while everyone else was assigned meaningful work, and knowing full well that l’ul job dangled in front of my nose like a carrot, I gained 15 pounds in 6 weeks. (By the time I left Israel I weighed 115.)

Now just like work in the refet (the dairy) work went on in the l’ul seven days a week. Yes, even on Shabbat there were eggs to collect and chickens to be cared for. However every Shabbat the staff was pared down to two people and we rotated weekends so each of us was responsible for one Saturday a month.

I loved Noodleman. He was my very favorite co-worker. He was eighty-seven years old. His family had joined the kibbutz movement early and left Europe long before WWII. He was one of the founding members of this kibbutz. He reminded me of my grandfather – always kind, gentle, teasing, smiling. How I looked forward to working with Noodleman! We quickly became each other’s pet.

So he and I were assigned a Shabbat shift. This meant waking at 4:30 a.m. and beginning egg collection by 5. The kibbutz had somewhere between twelve and sixteen chicken houses. Some of the houses were immense, some slightly smaller than immense. The chickens were grouped by age. The older chickens were more productive, the younger chickens less so. At that time the chickens had free range of their chicken houses. They could go where they pleased.

My job entailed egg collection from the rows of nest boxes- my collection baskets either on a pull cart or held in my arms – cleaning the auto-fill water bowls and the automatic feeders in addition to filling the feeders. I also kept an eye out for sick and injured chickens. If an illness or injury was bad enough I carried the chicken to the infirmary coop. From time to time we provided mass vaccinations, which could get pretty crazy. And I always had to be alert for attack roosters. The young ‘uns could get a little aggressive, as in– I haz talons and I knows how to use ‘em, sista. Many’s the time a rooster landed on my head and dug his claws into my scalp.

But on Shabbat it was mostly about getting the eggs collected and making sure there was fresh food and water in every chicken house. Then we’d sort the eggs, disinfect the shells, and put them in storage for the next day. Most of the eggs would be sent to incubators to produce more chickens. Some were set aside for the kibbutz kitchen.

So on this particular Shabbat, here’s what happened.

I overslept.

I woke up at 7:30.

I looked at the clock. Let out a shriek and flew out of bed, grabbed my clothes and sprinted to the l’ul. I’d let Noodleman, an eighty-seven year old man, down. How could I be so irresponsible? I’d really screwed up.

I saw Noodleman as I arrived. He was just finishing up with his first house. He waved, I waved back. I grabbed my cart and decided to start collecting at the opposite end. I figured we’d meet up somewhere in the middle.

And then something strange happened. I entered the closest chicken house. I remember it was one of the newer structures and it contained younger chickens. I collected the first two rows… To this day I remember the chickens in those first two rows.

And that’s the last thing I remember.

Until I found myself standing outside a house at the opposite end– the second house, the chicken house I’d seen Noodleman preparing to enter as I arrived. He was shaking me.

I looked around. Every single cart was filled with eggs. I had no idea how they’d gotten filled with eggs or how I ended up outside the house where Noodleman had been collecting.

In less than an hour I had managed to collect eggs from maybe twelve houses and feed and water the chickens and I had no memory of how I’d done it. No recollection whatsoever. Not even a recollection of daydreaming or spacing out. All I could recollect then and now is the panic of realizing I had lost an hour of my life.

That period of time was then, and is now, a complete and total blank.

An hour of my life. Vanished.

I’d managed to do the impossible yet I didn’t know how I’d done it or even if I’d done it.

Noodleman and I went from house to house and yes, I’d completed the work in every other house in the time it had taken him to do one.

He and I stared at each other. We couldn’t believe it. Seriously. Neither of us could believe it. We grabbed hands, both shivering. What I’d done could not be done by one person in that amount of time. It was utterly impossible. But neither of us had an explanation.

Noodleman told everyone. He couldn’t stop talking about it. The event became known around the kibbutz as the Miracle of the Chickens.

Every once in a while I think about that hour and I wonder what really happened. I’d go to hypnotherapy and try to find out but to be honest I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

So… to dream Captured was, well, to say the least an interesting experience.

I’m quite fond of every book I’ve written, every story I’ve told. But of all Captured is the most dear. If I were you, I’d read it. It’s available for most devices. I’ll give you the Amazon Kindle link here.

I’m very much looking forward to next year when the rights to the story will be returned to me.


I feel like Sally Field – Somebody ‘gets’ me.

The reviewer got the story. She really really got it.

Head over to Amazon and read the most recent review for Captured, my Science Fiction Romance and, frankly, my favorite work. I can’t quote the review here, that’s against Amazon’s policy. But I’m telling you, this reviewer grokked the story. Made me fuckin’ cry.

Link:  Captured


Monday Monday…

What did I do this weekend? Apparently I spent a way too much time clenching my teeth because my TMJ, which I haven’t felt in years, really flared up. I think I was channeling Sheldon Cooper–

Yeah, that's me...

Yeah, that’s me…

Okay, all the news that’s fit to print! Speaking of print…

Come Back To Me and One Foot In Heaven, Journey of a Hospice Nurse, will literally be out in print this week.  If, (big if), I can get the books uploaded to Createspace without, in addition to turning my face into a frozen mask, going bald due to hair-tearing. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.

I made terrific progress on my YA over the weekend (which is not really YA but I have no idea how to classify it other than to call it YA). Working title? Caleb Wiseman. It’s another one of them dream-inspired stories like Captured and My Everything.

Speaking of dreams– mine have been really weird and vivid. Dreams of catastrophes, talking horses, birds in my kitchen, dead relatives. Tom Stronach got a cameo in one.

Oh! I’m working on a cookbook. This is gonna take some time, maybe a lifetime. Who knows?

In the meantime I’m sending you to several thought-provoking blog posts.

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A Sampling of My Bestsellers:


“Stolen moments are two words that come to mind when I think of the love story between Mari and Ekkatt. I loved watching and reading as Ekktatt’s entire existence as a transporter comes into question – especially when he thinks of Mari. Their life together is dangerous – they could be recaptured at any time. But the most important fact that stands out is the fact that despite differences and preconceptions, these two loving people fell in love. That is what made Captured a tender and well told romance.” — Natalie S., Romance Junkies

“Julia Rachel Barrett has created a complex sci-fi romance that I adored. Her sense of humor was priceless! The sex scenes were hot, but the developing romance took the prize in Captured. I highly encourage you to take this journey…to lose yourself in a different world. Captured is a sci-fi romance you don’t want to miss out on. I want more from Julia Rachel Barrett!” –LynnMarie, Happily Ever After Reviews


“What makes this book so special? I loved that the characters felt this huge attraction to each other even before they met. I think we all know that situation when you hear the voice of someone and start thinking about what he or she will look like. All in all Beauty and the Feast was a wonderful book to give your mind a rest from a stressy time. I couldn’t put it down and I enjoyed not only the steamy part but also all the food. Be aware that this book will make you hungry and not only in the literal way. *wink*” — Susi, The Geeky Bookworm

“Eva Raines the ‘heroine’ of the book is not exactly the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, rather she is street wise, independent and happy to wait for Mr Right rather than settling for Mr Right-now.  On top of all that she is a chef extraordinaire infact that is how she meets the gorgeous and charming Gabe.  The back stories for both characters are compelling and make you care about them where it could very easily have become stereotyped.  The sex scenes are graphic but built up wonderfully of layered sensuality tied in with the the food references which add an extra dimension.  I would say if you reach this point on the bus then put it down and wait until you get home to read more as it is likely a flush will colour your cheeks and you will subconsciously find yourself licking your lips.” — Scribblings of an Aspiring Author

SoulSeries_v2 (1)

“I read each of these books separately, and all I can say is that I wrote Ms. Barrett and told her to write faster – `cause they’re just that good. I’ve been lobbying for a fourth.:)” — Scott R.


“I adore reading about former lovers finding each other again.  Ben and Grace were special. Grace was strong, stubborn (almost too much) and beautiful.  She kept in touch with Ben’s family even when he left her without an explanation.  Ben, for all of his secrets, desired the warmth and companionship of a wife, one to come home to and that scared him especially when his first wife was killed.  The fact that a madman is trying to get to Grace makes Ben bonkers and I didn’t even suspect the identity of the bad guy until the very end.” — Joyfully Reviewed