I DNF’d It After Twenty Minutes.

Those of you who know me know I am a big Channing Tatum fan.  Big as in huge.  As in enormous.  As in those extra eight inches, uh, I mean those extra four inches huge erect edifice big huge.

How big?  This big!

How big? This big!

But man oh man I DNF’d Magic Mike after twenty excruciating minutes of embarrassment.  It’s awfulness embarrassed me – not personally, as in I wasn’t personally embarrassed for watching, or attempting to watch the movie, but because it was sooooo piss-poor terrible.   Cringe-worthy.  Came very close to grossing me out.


What story?

We got naked male butts, we don’t need no stinkin’ story!

Uh, yeah, sorry honey, you do need a story.

A butt out of context, no matter how stacked, is just a butt.

A butt.

A butt.



I planned to post but…

instead I watched 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  I admit it… I’ve been hot on Channing Tatum since I very first saw him in Step Up.  And now he’s in Magic Mike, which I’ll probably have to see by myself since I doubt hubby wants to get up close and personal with male strippers.

Sometimes an actor charms me.  Channing Tatum charms me.  And Jonah Hill– I’ve loved him since Superbad.

A quick announcement:  My Everything is now on Amazon.  Check it out.  Thanks for all your hard work, Jaye.

Security consultant Ben McCall is alone. His wife and unborn child are dead, victims of an assassination attempt meant for someone else. He blames himself. Grieving, he disappears, dead to almost everyone and everything from his past. When his best friend is in danger Ben resurfaces, only to find his friend isn’t the target of a murderer, he is.

Grace Adams is one of the walking wounded. A pain specialist who treats cancer patients, she’s lost her new husband to leukemia. One night she finds herself incapacitated by a severe headache. From out of nowhere a man comes to her aid. He’s the man she fell in love with years before, Ben McCall. As the passion between them reignites, Grace too becomes a target of the madman who stalks Ben.

Now it’s not just their rekindled love at stake, it’s their very lives.