Who is Robert Redford?

Robert Redford – actor, director, producer, musician.  He’s starred in some of the most memorable movies of any actor in my lifetime – two words – Sundance Kid.

So the other day, my husband was getting his hair cut.  The stylist’s 35 year old sister walked into the salon and the three of them began chatting, mostly about Robin Williams’ upcoming nuptials at a local resort.  For some reason, Mr. Redford’s name came up and the stylist’s sister asked, “Who’s that?”  Seriously, she was clueless.

When my husband told me this story, I began hyperventilating.  “Who’s that?  Who’s that? She actually asked ‘who’s that’?  No way.  No way.  She doesn’t know who Robert Redford is?  No fuckin’ way.  Was she born in a barn?  Does she live in a cave?  Is she deaf, dumb and blind?  Everybody in the whole fuckin’ world knows who Robert Redford is.”  (When I travel to the dark side, I use the word fuck a lot.)

How can a thirty-five year old woman be unaware of Robert Redford and his movies?  Good grief.

I decided to plan a series of posts on the twenty-five most influential movies in my lifetime – just my opinion, you understand.  You’ll see my list.  I’ve asked my dad for his list, my husband for his list and my son, a filmophile, for his list.  There may be some overlap.  I’m talking about movies that changed your life, impacted society, scared the ever-lovin’ shit out of you.  These are the movies I want to hear about.

So…you with me?  Should you decide to post your own list on your own site, please let me know so I can link ASAP.  Or feel free to send me your list and I’ll give you a day to talk about movies that influenced you.

Doesn’t know who Robert Redford is my ass…

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***Super amazing thanks to MTNickerson who gave me a great shout out on his blog yesterday.  He never fails to make me think.  But man, I ain’t all that.  Ask my mom.