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I could get used to this!

Oscar is away for two weeks. It’s amazing how much free time I have. What an incredible discovery! I’ve only done laundry once. Dishes twice- in the dishwasher and that was just because there were some specific dishes I needed … Continue reading

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Why Oh Why Don’t Men Listen???

Look, I know it’s stupid and illogical and I know I’m overreacting, and he did clean the mouse poop out of the cabinet– wearing gloves and a mask, but when he asked me, “Where do you want me to put … Continue reading

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A fresh start to the new year.

Ahhhhh.  There’s nothing like the fresh smell of clean.  This is what I’m doing for the next couple weeks – cleaning, rearranging, donating – off with the old, on with the new. Here’s what I got for Christmas, new living … Continue reading

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