I could get used to this!

Oscar is away for two weeks. It’s amazing how much free time I have. What an incredible discovery!

I’ve only done laundry once. Dishes twice- in the dishwasher and that was just because there were some specific dishes I needed and I didn’t feel like washing them by hand.

I’ve barely cooked a meal. I’m eating salads and grilled cheese to my heart’s content. Working my way through a couple bottles of wine. Yeah, savoring the Pinot.

Baked a chocolate cake for Mother’s Day, ate one piece and froze the rest. I did hear from all my kids. Miss them terribly but two of the three are out of town. My son lives maybe 90 minutes away but he’s been working so much he didn’t feel like driving in and I didn’t feel like guilting him into doing so.

It’s just… Wow! And a little weird. Jake and I are pretty boring if left to our own devices so Oscar better get home soon!

Oh! So here’s the garden news. I harvested all the lettuce except for some leaf lettuce growing in planters. It was taking up too much space and I’d been supplying the entire block for a month. The lettuce, or mixed greens, are now blanched and in the freezer. I cut back the arugula, cooked it up with some prosciutto and chilies. Saving that for Oscar. He gets back on Wednesday.

I harvested the last of the radishes before they could bolt. They’re all bagged up in the fridge for the hubster.

I used the space to plant more eggplant – Black Satin and Japanese, and Thai chilies because my daughter in Montana demands Thai chilies. I already have eggplants, jalapenos, Fresno chilies, poblano chilies and mole chilies growing. I need extra eggplants because I’ll be shipping the fruit to Montana weekly– along with chilies.

some of the eggplants and chilies

some of the eggplants and chilies

Did you know potatoes, eggplants, chilies/peppers, tomatoes and tomatillos are all members of the deadly nightshade family? Along with cape gooseberries and goji berries– also known as superfoods. 

Once again my volunteer potatoes are taking over the world- Damn those French fingerlings! Delicious little suckers. My purple beans look great. The squash is minding its own business. Still getting some asparagus. The white turnips are huge. I gave in and planted one tomato plant. I tend to resist tomatoes because like potatoes one tomato plant can conquer the world. Oh, almost forgot the beets- hope they do well this year, the peas, the parsley and the cilantro.

All in all an exceptional year for gardening.

Garden 2014

Garden 2014

Why Oh Why Don’t Men Listen???

Look, I know it’s stupid and illogical and I know I’m overreacting, and he did clean the mouse poop out of the cabinet– wearing gloves and a mask, but when he asked me, “Where do you want me to put the containers?”

I replied, my answer unequivocal, “Set them in the sink.

Set them in the sink…  

A clear and concise statement if I ever heard one.

So why, when I came back inside, did I find the containers, which had been touching mouse poop and pee (and therefore potentially harboring Hanta Virus) stacked on my kitchen counter, on my CUTTING BOARD, and leaning against lemons, avocados and the coffee carafe?

Tell me why?

Horrified, I asked, “Why did you stack them here?”

He said, “Cuz you told me to.”

I gritted my teeth so I wouldn’t screech. Instead I said, “I said set them in the sink.”

While the chances of contracting Hanta Virus are probably one in a million, that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want a single molecule of mouse poop or mouse pee, not even a smidge, on my counter top or on my CUTTING BOARD or touching the food we eat.

Thank god for a full container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.

Now… somebody better hold me back because I am so tempted to fwaap him with a wet mop.  In his defense, he did go out and buy a humane mousetrap.  And set it up for me.  And he says he’ll release the mouse if we catch it.




A fresh start to the new year.

Ahhhhh.  There’s nothing like the fresh smell of clean.  This is what I’m doing for the next couple weeks – cleaning, rearranging, donating – off with the old, on with the new.

Here’s what I got for Christmas, new living room carpet and furniture after waiting fifteen years, until we had no more litters of kittens.  I finally pulled out the raggedy carpet and donated furniture that had been grated like cheese by those sharp little claws.  Man that stuff had seen better days.

Life is sweet, baby.  Now I’m in the process of arranging.  Arranging a room is like playing Janga – move one block and everything falls.  So all our rooms are getting a quick makeover for 2012.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t work if my surrounding environment is messy and cluttered.  Perhaps because my mind is so very disordered I need my house in order.  Not perfect, I hate perfection, just neat and tidy.  It’s sweet to display my favorite books.  I don’t own much in the way of tzatzkis, but I do have plenty of books and photos of my kids.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – getting packing boxes, dropping books at the library, reorganizing one of the bedrooms and tackling the workout room.

Oh, I found that stuff, the Devil’s Dung.  Wonder what I should do with it???