Great Great Great News!

I have TWO uploads to Kindle!

The first is my new short story, Liz and Me.  It’s less a work of romance and more a work of women’s fiction.  I’m excited about this work.  I’m moving in a new direction, embracing a variety of genres and styles.  Click here for the Kindle link.

Cobblestone Press surprised me by uploading one of my very favorite books, My Everything, a work of romantic suspense.  This is a full-length erotic mystery.  I love it.  Here’s the Kindle link.

May both books bring you much pleasure!

The Unnecessary Bodyguard, by Evie Balos

Hi everyone! It’s great to be here and I’d like to thank Julia for having me over. If you’re wondering where Julia is, you’ll find her at my blog today. That’s right, we did a little swapping.

What do you get when a male vampire and a female human produce offspring? In Balkan folklore, you get a dhampir. The ultimate vampire hunter. Accounts and descriptions of this race vary from culture to culture, but I played around with these and created the 21st century dhampir found in my new book, The Unnecessary Bodyguard, book one in the Dhampir Desire series.

I built the series around the Markovic brothers, who work for the same organization and share the same mission: eliminate hostile vampires and keep the citizens of Chicago safe. These are hard-edged, alpha men with a dark side. I’ve paired each man with a woman bold and spirited enough to embrace him with all her heart, yet challenge him until she’s won his.

Here’s an intro to the hero in book one, Jovan Markovic:

Nina Bradley doesn’t pay attention to her friend’s premonition that she’ll be attacked by a vampire. She discovers Daphne’s assigned a dhampir bodyguard to her and clearly objects. Worse, she finds him terribly attractive, but he’s half vampire. They don’t suit. A good reason to stop fantasizing about him.

Jovan Markovic wants to keep things professional between him and his beautiful client, but his desire for her is spiralling out of control. He ought to assign someone else to the case, but he won’t. He ought to use his lover to erase Nina from his mind, but he can’t…

The Unnecessary Bodyguard and chapter one can be found here:

And you can find me here:



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A note from Julia – Another gorgeous Jimmy Thomas cover and a great read…this is a series you should jump into!

It’s Monday!

So…I have a busy day planned.

First, a mini walk for my sick dog.

Second, a hike with a bunch of hill climbing to work the gluts and the quads.

Third, a shower prior to the haircut because it’s just what you have to do, like cleaning your house before the housekeeper arrives.

Fourth, a shower after the haircut to get rid of all the sticky little hairs that will fall down my shirt.

Oh, somewhere in there I need to link you all to my Spotlight over at the Dark Diva’s place.  They are featuring me on Monday morning, along with my science fiction romance, Captured.  As soon as they send me the link I will post it.  Feel free to search their spotlight in the meantime.  They’ll be featuring some great authors this week.

Fifth, guess what…head shots!  A friend of mine is a photographer and she will be making me look all perty.  She knows I hate having my picture taken so she’s promised I will look gooooood!  I trust her totally.  One of these days you won’t have to look at a cartoon avatar of me.  I’m really stressing out about what to wear..

For a fun read, check out Samantha Gentry’s blog – she’s one of my fellow Cobblestone authors.  Her post is titled – The Internet Will Fail and 8 other predictions that didn’t come true.

My Red-Headed Stepchild.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the meaning of the above phrase is:  A person or group treated without the favor of birthright.  Sometimes, as my middle child, My Everything feels that way.  Ben and Grace told me themselves.  They made a very good point about getting the short end of the promo stick.  So here goes – Ben McCall and Grace Rafael, it’s your turn!

Security consultant Ben McCall is alone. His wife and unborn child are dead, victims of an assassination attempt meant for someone else. Grieving, he disappears. When his best friend is in danger Ben resurfaces, only to find his friend isn’t the target of a murderer, he is.

Grace Adams is one of the walking wounded. Her husband died two years ago. One night she is incapacitated. A man comes to her aid. He’s the man she fell in love with years before, Ben McCall. As the passion between them reignites, Grace too becomes a target of the madman who stalks Ben.

Yes, this is a romance/suspense, but it’s also a sweet story.  I fell so in love with Ben and Grace and had such compassion for their struggles that I did something I will probably never do again, I wrote them an epilogue – I wanted everything to come out right in the end.  Like Job, who got back what he’d lost, I wanted to give my characters back everything they’d lost in their lives.

Thanks to Cris Griffin, cover artist extraordinaire over at Cobblestone Press and Jimmy Thomas, a major hot cover model, I got the above gorgeous cover.  The book is available at Cobblestone and it’s just been listed on Fictionwise.

My Everything from Joyfully Reviewed.

From Talia Ricci at Joyfully Reviewed – This is the second book of mine they’ve reviewed, which is totally cool!  I’m reprinting it in total, even the criticism…ah well…nothing’s perfect!  I like the teenage sister I created, but c’est la vie.  Thanks, Talia!  By the way, the male cover model for My Everything, Jimmy Thomas, contacted me before he headed to RT.  He seems to be a very interesting guy and he puts out some major hot covers!

Years ago, Grace Adams and Ben McCall were in love.  Circumstances changed and they ended up not being together.  Now Grace is a widow and she loved her husband, very much, but has always felt that he deserved more than she gave him – after all Ben controlled her heart, even when married to someone else.  Now, however, Ben is back in Grace’s life and while he says they can’t have forever, Grace refuses to give up hope.

Ben McCall went undercover and into seclusion with the death of his wife and unborn child.  His type of profession is just that dangerous.  When he is called back to the States in order to help a friend in danger, Ben and his friend realize something – Ben is the one in danger.  Now he doesn’t know who to trust and when Grace Adams, the woman he has never forgotten, comes back into his life, Ben knows that he must keep her safe at all costs.

I adore reading about former lovers finding each other again.  Ben and Grace were special. Grace was strong, stubborn (almost too much) and beautiful.  She kept in touch with Ben’s family even when he left her without an explanation.  Ben, for all of his secrets, desired the warmth and companionship of a wife, one to come home to and that scared him especially when his first wife was killed.  The fact that a madman is trying to get to Grace makes Ben bonkers and I didn’t even suspect the identity of the bad guy until the very end.

I had only one problem with My Everything and that was Ben’s sister at the very end.  Too stupid to live comes to mind – especially with her inability to listen to reason, curtail her stubbornness or even do what she was supposed to do.  The end result of her actions almost ruined the entire book for me.

With a intriguing and highly suspenseful storyline and erotic love scenes that sizzle, My Everything is a good read – just ignore Ben’s sister and all will be well!