‘Tis the season for giving.

I don’t need much.  There’s no gift I want, as in a particular item.  I wish for happy and healthy children. Hope my dad continues to make slow and steady progress.  I wish for a better tomorrow for the human race.  If I was a betting woman I probably wouldn’t bet on the third.

I do give to charities, yet every time I send money I wonder what percentage goes to cover administrative costs and what percentage really improves the lives of those for whom the charity exists- whether the organization helps protect lowland gorillas or feeds hungry children.  And by the way – there are far too many hungry children in America.  It’s seriously shameful.  Most parents want to work at a job so they can earn money to feed and clothe and shelter their children.  I know a lot of people who haven’t had regular employment in over four years.  Breaks my heart.

For the most part I prefer to spend my money on local charities.  I know where the money goes.  Besides, I can donate time as well.

However, there are two non-local organizations I support.  I’m completely behind them. I wish I could do more.

One is cheap – COJ – Cup of Joe for a Joe.  Green Beans Coffee Company sends coffee to our troops overseas.  These young men and women are risking their lives for us.  The least I can do is send them a cup of coffee.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:  Cup of Joe for a Joe.

The second is less cheap but oh so worthy.  A donation can make an incredible difference in the life of a woman – in fact, a donation can help restore her life – The Fistula Foundation.  There’s so much information I’ll give you the link.  What this group does is amazing.  The Fistula Foundation.

If you can set aside an hour, this video will change your life:

A Walk to Beautiful~ Nova.