A Friend and Author and a New Release~

JW Manus has worked her ass off for me.  She deserves high praise.  Her obsessinating when it comes to formatting is beyond compare.  She strives for perfection in every book she formats.  I can’t thank her enough.

Now Jaye has a new release.  I’m lucky, I got to proof this delicious retro romance and its soon-to-be released twin brother.  (I say ‘brother‘ because these two heroes are so attractive, appealing, intriguing and flat out sexy.)

Here it is… Announcing the release of:

Dark Reflections:  A Romantic Suspense (Mirror Images)

Dark Reflections by JW Manus

…A good girl gone bad?

Businesswoman Dana Benson leads a charmed life—until she’s arrested for murder.

When defense attorney Kurt Saxon takes the case, he is not anywhere close to Dana’s idea of an attorney. He’s rude, loud and outrageous—a flesh and blood bulldozer who’ll fight to the death to get what he wants. His clients are never innocent and he prefers it that way. Now Kurt faces his personal nightmare—a truly innocent client. A drug dealer is dead. The cops have eyewitnesses and a videotape saying Dana gunned him down. The press thinks she’s guilty. Her business associates think she’s guilty. Even a killer thinks she’s a killer and he’s out for revenge.

Only Kurt believes Dana. Only Kurt can keep her alive long enough to find the mysterious, murderous doppleganger who set Dana up to take the fall.