A Couple Days Off.

Sorry.  I’m still not back in the swing of things – I’ve missed you and I’m pretty dang sure I’ll find a new normal.  I’m taking the next day or two off to get a few things done.  However, by the time you read this Daughters of Persephone, Book One Exile, will be FREE!  And Daughters of Persephone, Book Two Return, will be available!  (I hope!)  Go for it!

Click on the above titles for the links.  (As of this post still waiting for Book Two to go live.)

The Lady Ennat, has been sent by her mother to Resistance Commander, Karna Aram for protection. She is a Blood decoy. Her role is to protect her sister Aja, the Thousand Year Empress. She must draw the bulk of the Coalition forces away from the Resistance fighters. From the beginning she’s known she may not live to see tomorrow, yet despite her misgivings she finds herself drawn to Commander Aram.  

Karna Aram wanted the woman from the moment she set foot on his supply depot, but nobody touches a Princess of the Blood. He resists his bone deep desire until Ennat challenges him to pick up a sword and spar with her. All bets are off.  Karna has a different kind of sword play in mind.

When the Ennat and her sister, Aja, are reunited, they know the Coalition is coming after them.  They must risk all to save their devoted fighters and the men they love.



It’s been weird, to say the least.

You’ve all been so nice.  Thanks.  I mean it… thanks.

Dad’s not out of the woods yet.  As my husband reminds me, baby steps.  He’s had a few setbacks, but overall he’s making progress.

I headed home early this morning, after picking up coffee at the Human Bean, a drive thru coffee place that has been my lifeline all week, or maybe my mainline – yes, I have been mainlining caffeine.  I was so happy when I read on their sign that they would be open on Thanksgiving from 4:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  I hit the drive up window at 6:55 a.m.

The trip was interesting – some pea soup fog, some ice, some black ice, some freezing fog, some wind on steep mountain roads and me driving like a bat out of hell because that’s what I do.  Only saw one cop.

When I drive this route I count raptors.  On the way up I counted 38.  On the way down I counted 29.  Big fat birdies.  Of course on the way home I had to pay a little more attention to road conditions.

Hubby was here for about 30 minutes after I got home and then he left for Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins in San Francisco.  Don’t say, awwww, poor you!  There is no poor me.  I wanted to de-stress by cleaning my house, doing laundry, walking my dog.  I simply couldn’t cope with making conversation.  That would have been a bridge too far.

It’s Thanksgiving and my dad’s alive so the lack of a turkey doesn’t bother me one bit.

While I was away, Jaye and I did some work too, and my Science Fiction Romance or Fantasy Romance or Futuristic Romance or Time Travel Romance, Daughters of Persephone, Book One, Exile, is available on Amazon.  Click the title for the link.

Princess-in-exile, Aja Bokinan, is the Thousand Year Empress. While her family has remained in forced isolation for nearly thirty years, women throughout the empire have been banned from public life. Females have no legal standing and they have become little better than property. The restoration of the monarchy is their only hope. Revolution threatens the male dominated Coalition. Resistance forces expect the Princess to be the salvation of the empire. The ruling generals fear she will be its destruction. 
Kyr Aram, is a smuggler and secret Resistance sympathizer. He must find a way to protect the Princess from both the general who plans her assassination and a traitor on his own ship who wishes to see her dead. Kyr believes she is no more than valuable cargo. With the Thousand Year Empress, he gets more than he bargained for.

Praying for rain and other stuff.

The county pest man told me once we have our first drenching rain I’ll be able to go outdoors again.  Avoiding yellow jackets has become a complicated business.  I can now imagine how awful a peanut allergy is!

Since I’m stuck inside I’m learning the latest group dance – Gangnam Style – it’s fun!

I’ve 125 photos of Wales uploaded, waiting to be sized and edited.  Yikes!  You really do not want to see 125 photos  (and that’s not including the shots my husband took with his camera).  It would be like watching the neighbor’s slide show from hell.  Here’s a picture my husband snapped at one of my historic hero’s ruined castles–

The first day – hiked nine miles along a Roman Road (still in use) and reached Llewellyn ap Gruffydd’s Castle Dolwyddelan.  So yeah, that’s my eye… I think I look cross-eyed but hubby likes the photo.  Damn the English king, Edward I!

At the door of Dolwyddelan Castle. Windy.

Oh, I almost forgot what I originally intended to blog about… The Walking Dead begins, when?  October 14th?  Although I cannot imagine it without Shane.  Oh my poor Shane, you was robbed!  I can’t wait to see what happens with Andrea, but Laurie and Rick can eat dirt for all I care.  And Daryl better quit with the Rick’s little buddy crap.  Regardless, I need my zombie fix.

I’m also looking forward to the season premiers of NCIS (character-driven plots), Person of Interest (Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson), and of course, The Big Bang Theory (satisfies the Geek in me).  I can’t remember a time when the small screen actually enticed me far more than the big screen.  For many years I didn’t even watch television, aside from The Simpsons.  Of course we have to wait until Spring, 2013, for A Game of Thrones.  It’s kind of like reading the books if, like me, you bought them as they were actually released.  By the time you got to the next book you weren’t sure you even cared anymore.  Ah well.  It’s a big cast, a difficult set, so I can’t expect miracles.

Most important – The San Francisco Giants have clinched the West and will be playing in the post-season.  Dare we hope for another World Series appearance?  That would be too cool for words!  I never imagined I’d have an opportunity to attend one World Series let alone considered the possibility of two.

All right, back to editing my photos.

Oh, books?  Stay is out.  I’m working on a print copy of all three books in The Souls Series – Incorporeal, In the Flesh and Stay, and I’m doing final edits for the Daughters of Persephone science fiction series.  Coming soon!



Kiss ‘em goodbye.

I love this quote:

“Writing fiction is a solitary occupation but not really a lonely one. The writer’s head is mobbed with characters, images and language, making the creative process something like eavesdropping at a party for which you’ve had the fun of drawing up the guest list. Loneliness usually doesn’t set in until the work is finished, and all the partygoers and their imagined universe have disappeared.”


Don’t you feel lonely when you kiss your characters goodbye?  I sure do.

The minute I finish a book, by that I mean, complete all my edits and re-reads and finalize my upload… I miss the characters.  I miss them terribly.  For the duration of the book they’ve been my companions, my friends, a part of me.  I know them inside and out.

So yes, loneliness does set in after I finish a book.  It’s almost a period of mourning.  I can’t focus on another work for, well, for a while.  The length of time is different for every set of characters.

Mari and Ekkatt from Captured really did a number on me.  So did Eva and Gabe in Beauty and the Feast.  Sara and Nathan in Incorporeal.  Issa and Kane from Daughters of Persephone, Book Three, Reborn, blew me away.  I missed those two something awful.  Oh, that book’s coming soon!

Anyway, yeah, it hurts to let them go.