So it happened again.

I felt a need for oblivion.  You see… my family… they…

Well, when I am forced under certain circumstances to interact with my extended family I feel a need for mind altering substances.

You shoulda seen me when I was a teenager.

Well, maybe not…

So I was feeling this last night in a wish I had a perfect knee so I could get addicted to running again kind of way.  I checked the wine fridge thingy and all we had was one cheap-ass (Tim, kind of like weird-ass) bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, not my fave, and a bunch of Cabernet.  Good Cabernet as in save for special occasions Cabernet.

I stared for a while.  I opened the liquor cabinet and stared in there too.  Over the years people have given us all kinds of gifts, sweetish sorts of beverages with labels that say Peppermint Schnapps and Chocolatinis and Metaxa, whatever the hell that is – none of which I can stand.  So I gave that a pass.

Then I remembered the bottle of Talisker up on top.  Ah yes – fragrant, smoky, peaty, bitey (is this a word?)… bought in Scotland.  How can you not drink something that calls your name in a Scottish brogue?

I poured myself a glass and added a little water, cuz hubs says water opens up the Scotch – makes it bloom, he says.  It does smell really good.

So I took a sip, and yes, it was good, but the phone rang.  I ran upstairs to get some information for one of my kids, chatted for about fifteen minutes, and when I returned to the kitchen to retrieve my glass of Talisker, what should I find but a glass full of drowned fruit flies.  Apparently fruit flies (which spontaneously generate you know) have a hankering for expensive Scotch.

So much for oblivion.  And no, don’t worry, I didn’t drink anything.  I’m not given to alcoholism.  I’ll be all right.  Drinking is no solution, it’s simply a distraction.

Families.  Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Especially at holiday time!

I should be so lucky!