I like Rotel and Velveeta as much as the next guy, but…

I’m in favor of eating food.

Aside from the above-mentioned Rotel and Velveeta I don’t believe in food products.

This bothers me– Using Beyond Eggs as a substitute for any egg based application instead of cooking with and eating real eggs.

Beyond Eggs claims their egg based application is healthier than real eggs.  K…  I’d like to see the research.  Or is this a political statement and a philosophic approach?  If it is, fine.

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I will eat a fried egg on anything, even salad, even pizza!

I will eat a fried egg on anything, even salad, even pizza!

Eggs are a perfect protein.  I buy local eggs.  They are sustainable.

I’m reminded of my sister and her unfortunate fake chicken enchiladas…

Her–  “I’m going to make my fake enchiladas for dad’s birthday.”

Me–  “Why would you do that?  He hates them.  Last time he ate them he threw up.”

Her–  “But you’ll eat them, won’t you?”

Me–  “Yeah… uh, hell no.  Those enchiladas are disgusting.  I just don’t get it.  If you want to eat tofu, eat tofu, make a nice tasty tofu dish, but don’t try to make rice and tofu and coconut oil fake cheese and green algae slurry pretend to be tortillas and chicken and cheddar cheese and tomatillo salsa.  Sorry.  Doesn’t work.”

I know… harping and preaching.  Same old same old.  But I truly believe real food is good for us.  More and more studies indicate eating real food keeps us healthy.  Your brain kinda says that too…

I don’t want to wake up one morning and find soylent green on my breakfast table, or some sort of nutritional substitute for food in the name of political correctness.

Eat meat.  Don’t eat meat.  It’s a choice.  I didn’t eat meat for a very long time after an ill-advised visit to a slaughter-house.  But I refuse to divorce myself from the source of my food.  Do you know there are food labs where researchers are planning to grow steaks from a single cell?  You want a steak?  They’ll grow one from a muscle cell.  You never even have to know that cell came from an animal.

I prefer my daughter’s approach even though I can’t yet put the organ meat portion into practice– Respect the animal.  Be grateful.  Eat every edible part of the animal because it’s disrespectful to waste a life.

I’m passionate about the humane treatment of both domestic and wild animals.  It’s one of the reasons I was a vegetarian for so long, but now local eggs, milk and meat are widely available just like they were when I was a kid growing up back in Iowa.  This may be one of the perks of living in California, but I have no doubt the local foods movement is big all around the country.  I know of many people using their initiative – forming co-ops, trading eggs for fresh vegetables, sharing a steer among several families, purchasing milk directly from small local dairies.  Criminy!  Even the medical clinic where I’m supposed to get my allergy shots hosts a farmer’s market three days a week.

I like to think most of us have good intentions.  We try to do the right thing for our families and for our world.  I know I’m grateful we can put food on the table.

I view cows as cows, actual living breathing creatures, not as a protein delivery mechanism.  I view an egg as a delicious runny yolk, not an egg based application.  Geez!  I’m telling you… soylent green...  I ain’t eatin’ it.

Soylent Green



Oh Yes! Orgasmic eggs!

You all know I want chickens, right?  And you know the hubster refuses to let me have chickens, right?  Which means my chickens have to wait for my next life, right?  Along with my own milk cow, right?

Well… I found this free range chicken ranch just a couple miles from where we hike and the woman who lives there lets you come collect your own eggs.  They have like hundreds of chickens – all kinds.  Little black and white ones that can fly.  Big fat red-brown ones.  Gray ones.  Black ones.  Grey and white ones.  Ones with fluffy snow shoes on their feet.

$10 for 30 eggs.  Fun AND a bargain.

Free range eggs!

So my son asked if I was making breakfast for, are you listening Penny Watson?  A bunch of lumberjacks.  Nah, just us.

Now I have to go back to the kitchen and use the eggs to bake some pumpkin ginger bread with cream cheese icing.