Hooked on Faith.

Oh, I know, not exactly what you think, but close.  Combine time travel, a female plastic surgeon from the future, a gorgeous enigmatic stoic loyal paranormal warrior hero from the past, a young inexperienced king, a self-possessed reluctant queen, Korean kitsch, funky subtitles and what do you get?  Faith.

I’m loving the hero.  I’m waiting for the heroine to stop whining.  She’s getting there, might be growing on me.

I’ve already got JW Manus interested.  We’re watching on Hulu.  See here~ Faith.

It’s a much-needed distraction right now, plus I’m working on a time travel story so all the better to immerse myself in a little cultural dislocation.

(In the dad front, no change, waiting for the cardiologist to decide upon the next step and waiting for hubby to get home from D.C. so he can have some input on any decisions we make.)

Here’s a song for you: Walk on Faith, by Mike Reid

I’ve seen Mike Reid perform. He’s a wonderful singer/song-writer and a former NFL player (Cincinnati Bengals). He was a very high draft pick, #7 to be exact, and one of my husband’s heroes.