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I haz a conversation with my mother.

Don’t mistake circular-speech for stupidity.  My mother is sharp as a tack. “Hi mom. I heard you went to a Shakespeare play. Which one?” “The one with no arms.” “A Shakespeare play with no arms? What had no arms? The … Continue reading

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Question of the Day…

What do you do when your bird lays eggs? No, she doesn’t have a husband. This is the second time Tibby has laid eggs.  The first time was 2-3 years ago and she laid seven eggs.  Gaaaaaa!  She kept on … Continue reading

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I’m a grown-ass woman!

I can pump my own gas! Oregon bugs me for many reasons.  First and foremost because it’s illegal to pump your own gas here.  An attendant must pump the gas for you. Usually I stop to fill up my tank … Continue reading

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Home again, home again…

We had a great time. I learned some new words like ramfeezled and dandypratt.  Oh, and angakok and putti.  This is what vacations are for – playing games and hanging out with the people you love. And in that vein, … Continue reading

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Off the Ventilator.

He’s sitting in a chair, joking with the nurses in CCU about the thirty year warranty on his Kosher (bovine) heart valve. I know he’s just a dad, but he’s my dad and he’s a great dad. Last night was … Continue reading

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