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Dear Mom, the dead relatives stopped by for a cuppa.

(I only know what a cuppa is because of Orphan Black – Season 2 coming soon! OMG I’m shaking… Vikings is like, killer enough! You go Lagertha.) So my mom has known me my whole life. She knew I saw … Continue reading

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A Gentleman Ghost.

We had a great Fourth of July.  Rode our horses up the north side of the canyon, crossed the river– which if you’ve ever crossed a racing river on horseback you know how fun it is– headed up to the … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts.

(So now you know I cuss like a truck driver.  It’s not genetic.  My children don’t cuss at all.) I’ve always been weird. I was a weird kid– ask my mom. She called me after she saw the movie, The … Continue reading

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Let the Toilet Flushing Begin!

The week after my husband left was crazy. Not only was I busy with the kids – enrolling my son in first grade, finding a preschool for my three year old and arranging for babysitters – never could find a … Continue reading

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Incorporeal – Ghosts can fall in love.

You know, I’d wanted to write a ghost romance…oh…forever.  If you read Incorporeal, you’ll learn I was told my two publishers it can’t be done.  I was informed readers don’t want to read a ghost romance. Are you fuckin’ kidding … Continue reading

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