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I’ll be over there tomorrow and lord only knows where else.  I swear I’ll only drive if I’m sober.

News and updates.  Yeah, life is still nuts.  Why do you think I’m drinking?

I’d like to thank my guests this week, Katalina Leon and Nina Pierce, for taking over my site, chatting and bringing their marvelous stories to your attention.

I’ll be holding a wonderful contest – I’ll announce the details the very minute my house guests leave.

Captured, yeah, my fave, apparently finalled in the Science Fiction Romance category in the Golden Quill contest for published authors.  I heard today while I was circling the San Francisco airport waiting for my guests to reach the curb.  Pretty dang cool!

Pushing Her Boundaries (canoe trip), got a couple great reviews recently…um, Happily Ever After Reviews and The Romance Reviews (TRR)

So I have this great recipe for whiskey cake.  Not a whiskey cake, whiskey cake.  If you want the recipe, leave me a comment and your email addy and I’ll email it to you.  It’s a very, very old family recipe.  It’s delish!

This just in!

Cylon Attack Thwarted By Denver Bombsquad!

From my sister – we are such BSG fans…I sent her a Cylon ‘Toaster’ for her birthday a few weeks ago!

From the Denver Post:  “The Capricans in Denver, Colorado should can consider themselves blessed by the Gods. An 8-inch tall Centurion was spotted near Coors Field park, prompting one citizen to notify the police. You probably know what happened next: adjacent 20th street was closed causing rush hour traffic to pile up, and two hours later, after being unable to determine at the time if it was safe, the bomb squad remotely detonated the little Centurion. Move along, nothing to see here. It’s not like they walk among us in human form or anything. Yet.”

Today from Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle – this priceless tidbit – Knucklehead of the Week:

“The Giants (NY) were booed at halftime, at home, and Antrel Rolle said it wasn’t fair, because nobody boos soldiers returning home from the war in Iraq.  “We risk ourselves out there on the field each and every day also,” Rolle said.  A day later, Rolle’s agent read a prepared, stilted, sort-of-apology statement.

GI Joe and Jane responded with their own jointly prepared statement, read by their agent:  “Mr. Rolle, we soldiers admire your courage.  By the way, when you are playing football, how often does the field explode?”

Rolle is recovering from a heart attack he sustained after his paycheck was accidentally switched with that of an American soldier.”

*I’d link you to the remainder of the Ostler article, but it won’t be available until Tuesday.

First review for Come Back To Me, from Monica at Happily Ever After Reviews:

“Come Back to Me by Julia Rachel Barrett is, what can I say, I am at a loss for words.” 4 1/2 Teacups. You can read the complete review here:

Tomorrow – either a guest blog or a contest inspired by my husband and a comment from Stephanie at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.

Anytime Darlin’ – a new review!

From Happily Ever After Reviews

Wendy’s Review

Anytime Darlin’ is a great read! Devlin is a girl who had a lot to overcome, and with the help from her hero, Jake, she does.

Devlin was found beaten and raped and near death. She had nothing to live for except the man who kept her sane while she was in a drug induced coma. With Jake’s help, she was able to live and tell what her uncle had done to her.

Jake was older, he had to be the one to step back and wait for Devlin to get over what happened to her and to grow up. Jake was a man that few women would say no to, if any. He was handsome and kind, a man who you would want to rescue you.

Four years passed before they were meant to be. He gave Devlin the time to grow up, get over what was done to her, and take charge of her life. Meeting at a wedding of two friends, Devlin and Jake start their relationship on a whole new level. The sexual tension that they have held for each other comes to the surface. Their openness to love each other and accept that they were meant to be together was astonishing.

Past terror comes to tear them apart, but with them together, they would not be overcome by an uncle who couldn’t or wouldn’t allow Devlin to live her life with love and security, instead of fear and terror.

I rate this book a 5 Tea Cup and 3 heat index. Julia did a wonderful job of transforming a horrific event into something that turned out wonderful and unique.


What am I reading?  I am a huge-amongus fan of nonfiction.  My current massively enjoyable read is Catching Fire, How Cooking Made Us Human, by Richard Wrangham, professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University.

“A man does not live on what he eats, an old proverb says, but on what he digests.”  Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste: Or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy.

Love this book!

What am I watching?  Baseball, mostly.  Haven’t been to a movie in ages and I’d love to go.  I want to see Salt and Inception and The Kids are All Right.

The puppy is angel pup by day, devil pup by night – keeps me busy!  I have to carry around this thirty pound 9 1/2 week old puppy.  He’s a big guy!

I got my first review for Daughters of Persephone from Happily Ever After Reviews:

“I’ve read other books by Julia Barrett, so I was eager to start Daughters of Persephone. I commend Ms. Barrett for the time and devotion in creating a realistic sci-fi world with its own terms and rules. You are pulled into the realism of a new world and kept there by the larger than life characters.”

Here’s the link:

Michelle, over at Michelle’s Book Blog – posted this great review for Captured.  Here’s the link.  I’ll post the entire review tomorrow:


I saw him first!

Damn you sportscasters!  Damn you all to hell!  I saw Andres Torres first!  I picked him out last year as a baseball stud and I became a fangirl – now you all jump on my bandwagon!  Ha – I say – ha ha!  Really, ask my husband…the very first time I saw him play with the San Francisco Giants, I said, Who is that man and why doesn’t he get more playing time? Like, why isn’t he starting every game?  Of course he had some injuries last year, but anybody with half a brain could see what kind of athlete he is!

Thursday’s San Francisco ChronicleThe Sporting Green headline – Torres, as in torrid.

I like it – Torrid Torres!  On Wednesday, against the Marlins, he had a Splash Hit.  He now has two.  My other favorite Giants player, Aubrey Huff, also has two.  So…here are my guys – and they have been since the first time I saw them – Andres Torres, Juan Uribe, Aubrey Huff, Travis Ishikawa, and Jonathan Sanchez.  Yeah, sure, everybody likes The Freak, Matt Cain, and Brian Wilson.  Man, that Bumgarner can throw and Buster Posey is amazing -  why the heck wasn’t he brought up sooner???  Hmmmm???  I like every guy on that team, but I love me some Andres Torres!

Yes, there is no contradiction…you can write science fiction/romance and still love baseball.  My guys have always been baseball players.

So…Thank you very much Steph, at Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust, for letting me take over your blog yesterday and many thanks to those of you who stopped by.

Today, Friday, I’m over at Anna’s place.  She’s posted an interview with The Thousand Year Empress, Aja Bokina, a Daughter of Persephone.  Come see what makes her tick and maybe win an e-copy of this fun, sexy, romantic, kick ass science fiction book.

The ladies at Happily Ever After Reviews informed me today that Beauty and the Feast is up for cover of the month.  I’m going against some great covers.  If you feel like voting, here’s the link:

Off to play with my puppy!  He has that sweet puppy breath and he gives me kisseeeees!