Once Upon A Time I Read…

that one can be grateful for both the good and the bad.  Wish I could find the source because in an existential way it’s absolutely true.  No luck.

Yesterday I had lots of time to think as I waited five hours for a furniture delivery to my son’s new rental.  Watching the folks in this economically distressed neighborhood, I realized I am grateful.  Everyone, no matter how little he or she possessed, had a smile and a hello for me as I sat in the sun up on the porch– broken furnace, cold in the house.  Well, everyone except one guy who looked about as nasty as they come, yet the poor old gentleman next door kept a protective eye on me until Dr. Evil had passed by.

I’m sorry the economy is in the toilet- regardless of what government statistics tell us.  I’m sorry these nice people are suffering.  If I’d been cooking Thanksgiving dinner at my son’s place I’d have invited them all.

I’m grateful my son found a full-time job and a rental that accepts pets.  What does it matter that the job is not in his field and for the time being he’s sleeping on the floor?  Not a damn thing.

I’m grateful for three loving children.

We have our health.  We have our home.  We can afford our big dog and put food on our table.  I’m grateful hiking is free as free can be.

The next few years will be hard on Americans.  There may well be an economic cascade of catastrophic events.  Unintended consequences…  I’m hoping we, I mean we the people, manage to hang in there.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the average American is a whole lot smarter and way more resiliant than those with money and power think we are.

You are all in my thoughts.  I wish you well.  Hold tight to each other friends, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Wishing you a grateful Thanksgiving.  Julia

Can you smile with your eyes?

I can’t.  I tried.  I look like an idiot, a drunk, a total crazy-ass bag lady. I hate photos of myself enough as it is.

Smile with my eyes?  I can smile with my whole face but seems that’s wrong.  It’s all in the  eyes.

Or maybe in the airbrushing.  Not sure.  I really don’t get it.  Looks to me like she’s sorta flirting with the camera.  Maybe that’s it.  Flirting with the camera.

From my perspective a real smile is nothing more or less than a genuine smile, one that reaches the eyes. Makes ‘em crinkle.

Can you smile with your eyes?

In the meantime – Have a wonderful, happy, joyous week. Love well, laugh often. Julia