I’ll try not to be boring up in here…

Lots going on.  I’ll keep you abreast of all new developments in the book department, travel, etc. as they happen.

I sure wish I was better at holiday posts since it is holiday season, but the truth is I suck at holiday posts.  I do have some cooking/baking plans – I’ve got an entire lemon tree to harvest which means an incredible amount of lemon curd.  Perhaps I’ll chronicle the saga in pictures.

I missed Hanukkah altogether.  Got some latkes to catch up on as well.

And poor Jake needs some major attention.

It’s very difficult to leave a sensitive dog behind.  This particular sensitive dog goes on a hunger strike whenever we’re gone.  He’s skin and bones, again.

But yes, we had a lovely time in Monterey.  We cooked together, played games together, walked on the beach together, rescued a diablo rojo (Humboldt squid) who had beached himself, paid an early morning visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to feed the fish and the bat rays.  I love petting bat rays.


We watched dolphins play in the surf outside our beach house… counted whales near Big Sur – we saw at least twenty gray whales, maybe more.  Encountered many harbor seals, sea lions and a surprising number of sea otters.  We passed a large gathering of males and half dozen single females while kayaking in Elkhorn Slough, one female had a pup on her chest.

I would have taken more photos but we’d already ruined one cell phone in the high surf.  The tides were something to behold.  California was experiencing King Tides while we were there – very high tides.

This photo of the backside of the aquarium doesn’t even show the highest tide – their tide pool was completely invisible beneath the high surf.  And hubby and I were nearly washed away while walking on the beach – the waves reached way up the sea wall and we happened to be right next to it with nowhere to go.  Scary…