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Guillermo del Toro knows horror.  He knows what frightens us and he uses that to his film-making advantage. I can’t even watch a trailer for his movie without running from my computer, screaming in terror. Remember Pan’s Labyrinth?  A child, … Continue reading

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The ineffable joy of Zombie Apocalypse.

The past two weeks have fried my brain.  I’ve been in dire need of zombie distraction.  The Walking Dead is a no-go for me – I’m so over it it’s not even a no-brainer.  It’s simply not entertaining anymore. There … Continue reading

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My Favorite Monsters.

There’s a huge difference between horror and gross.  Aliens is horror.  Aliens vs. Predators is gross. Aliens grabs you by the whatever and squeezes until you squeal.  The movie evokes so many emotions, dialing up the fear factor until it … Continue reading

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Thar She Blows…

You know how you come home from a two hour hike and your hands are kind of dirty from cleaning mud from the dog so you head into your bathroom to wash up? And you flip on the faucet when … Continue reading

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