I have this vision of spontaneously combusting…

I’m experiencing one of those episodes when I feel out of control.  Not just a little out of control, a whole lot out of control.

Oh yikes.

My dreams have been insanely vivid, totally crazy, my waking hours equally crazy, my dog scraped up one of his pads chasing after a hawk – yeah, like he was really gonna catch him.  The hawk found the whole thing hilarious.

Oh shit, someone will probably come and remove Jake from my home due to my poor oversight as his guardian.

I went to the grocery store three times this morning to buy sugar.  I forgot to buy sugar all three times.  I still need sugar.  Have to get all my holiday baking done this week between trips to Oregon.

I am going to make – Melt In Your Mouth Cookies, Heart Attack Bars (sorry dad~ but at least you didn’t have a heart attack), Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Chocolate Croissants and two Chocolate Sheet Cakes.

I’ve got to get a week’s worth of meals made for my parents, and I should probably double up on that so my family has food to eat while I’m traveling back and forth.

Um, I’m worried my hair will start to fall out, or go pure white, or something.

My husband’s birthday is 12/12/12 and we’ve had a house on hold in Monterey, right on the beach, for an entire week – room for all of us – where we can celebrate and party hearty.  I’ve been planning this since his last birthday.  We’re taking a private behind-the-scenes tour of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, maybe some of us will enjoy a day of golf, and whale watching, and scuba diving, and sailing, and kayaking – all the stuff we love to do.  Fingers crossed that I get to be there.

This is what I looked like a month ago:

Me, a month ago.

This is what I look like now:

Me, now.




You. Have. Got. To. Read. This.

Before I post a link to this article I have two stories.  After you read the article you can draw your own conclusions.

I’ll mention one name:  Ponce de Leon.

3.  Two true stories – The first:  My sister took care of a friend who died of stomach cancer.  It was very sad.  The woman was estranged from her mother and sister, had no other family, so my sister took her into her home and she died there, in the guest bedroom.  When she was diagnosed with cancer, her response was– “That’s impossible.  I’m a vegan.  Vegans don’t get cancer.”  She died proclaiming until the end that “vegans don’t die of cancer.”

Second–  My parents helped a woman, a very strange woman who had stalked my father, when she got cancer.  I was opposed because I thought she was a major freak, but my parents felt sorry for her.  And yes, she took advantage of them like you wouldn’t believe.  On my father’s advice, this woman called me one day to ask about death and dying because I am a hospice nurse.  I was very opposed to this phone call but I made an attempt to reason with her.  I may have discussed this phone call in a previous post. She said– “I can’t believe I’m going to die.  Why would this happen to me?  This should happen to someone else.”  Me, “Like who?  Who should this happen to?”  Her,  “Your father.  He eats sugar and red meat and he doesn’t believe in god and he’s never even meditated.  I’m a Buddhist adept.  We don’t die.”

Me–  “Everybody dies.  Nobody gets out of this world alive.”

Her–  “Well maybe everybody else dies but not me.”

Guess what?  She died.

The article:

‘Biohackers’ mining their own bodies’ data

I think I’d rather do this:  Three Ingredient Pulled Pork