You Can Go Home Again. Becca’s Dance by Jordyn Meryl.

A select few romance authors write for the older, more mature, romance reader. Let’s face it, most romances involve twenty-somethings, maybe thirty-somethings. Typically the heroine is 24-30. The hero might be older, say 28-40.

And of course NA, or New Adult Romance, is very trendy. The characters tend to be quite young – 18-24.

Two of my friends have written romance for the more mature reader – Katalina Leon and Penny Watson.

Kat is the author of, yes, the one and only BDSM book I will ever recommend, Noblesword. She wrote it a number of years ago and by today’s standards I believe the story would be considered almost puritanical. Kat’s writing is so evocative, her story so complex, the sensuality so heady– Oscar and I loved it. Well, we didn’t only love it, we sort of inhaled it.


I read a pdf copy on my computer, he read the hard copy and we had a race. There was so much to discuss about the book (and I do mean discuss) AND the characters were of an age close to ours. When you hit your forties sexuality and sensuality do not (Poof!) disappear.

Penny Watson took romance and turned it on its curly little head in her most recent book, Apples Should Be Red (I always want to write Read).


She took two older, yet far from elderly characters, put them in the same room and let the sparks fly, or maybe I should say she let the chips fall where they may. Apples Should Be Red is a laugh out loud romantic comedy. It’s bawdy but not dirty, and it’s preciously un-PC. Thank you, Ms. Watson!

Love doesn’t take a holiday just because you’re a woman pushing sixty.

Another friend of mine, a very dear friend, has written a love story, just recently published, all about second chances. Yes, there is life and love and magic and mystery after forty.

I got to know Jordyn when I judged a contest. It was years ago. Of all the entries I read, and I read many, hers stood out. Yes, the grammar, the organization, the sentence structure was all a bit rough– this was her fist attempt, but not only was her story unique, she told it beautifully. She cast a spell over me. The characters got under my skin. I remember that story to this day, and from what I gather- hint-hint- Jordyn will be releasing it soon. (No spoilers.)

What struck me about that first story was this – Jordyn took a risk and created a mature heroine, a widow just beginning to emerge from her shell and rejoin the living. All the other manuscripts I read were formulaic and forgettable. Jordyn’s story stuck with me. So I emailed her to let her know how much I loved her work and I encouraged her to keep plugging away.

She did. Now she’s released:

 Becca’s Dance, by Jordyn Meryl

Becca's DanceThe journey of life is not about the path traveled, it’s about the dance.
Remember your first love? The itching in your palms to touch that person, the churning sensation of your stomach when you kiss, or the promise of forever love? A summer romance had all the possibilities for Becca and Clay. But a tragic accident killing two of their friends, sent Becca running away to build a sheltered life, protected from pain. Clay tried to drown his pain in booze and other women, but failed. Each picked mates for reasons other than love.
Twenty years later their paths cross as Becca tries to escape from the shame of a divorce, and Clay is living life as a single father to six grown boys.
In the small community of Lester Lake, love, fate and star-crossed lovers work towards rekindling a first and only true love.

Becca’s Dance meanders back and forth through time like a winding river. It’s a story of pain, loss, longing, loneliness, healing, memory and meaning. Of course it’s also about connection and true love. Becca’s Dance really tugs at the heartstrings. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Clay, of course, but the secondary characters are amazing. That’s the thing about Jordyn, everyone in her stories is fully fleshed out.

Some readers might be confused by the jumps through time. This was not an issue for me. I can follow a terrific story anywhere.

Becca’s Dance on Amazon.

Jordyn Meryl’s Website.


One is under no obligation to reciprocate.

However, in this business I am frequently reminded of the song by Allen Toussaint, performed by one of my favorites– the late great Lowell George of Little Feat-

Here’s a portion of the song, On Your Way Down, from Lyrics Database:

Since the beginning it hasn’t changed yet
People fly high begin to lose sight
You can’t see very clearly when you’re in flight

It’s high time that you found
The same people you misuse on your way up
You might meet up
On your way down

Vintage wines from the year ’62
It’s your thing, it’s your thing
It pleases you
You got to frown when you cross town
You think it’s an honor just to have you around

It’s high time that you found
The same dudes you misuse on your way up
You might meet up
On your way down

FYI – It’s not because I’m stuck up.  Or because I don’t want to talk to you– I mean the reason I closed my FB account and the reason I don’t hang out much on Twitter.

I closed my FB account because FB was  annoying the hell out of me.  I don’t hang out much on Twitter because it’s too distracting and I don’t have much extra time.

Yeah, I know I’m out of the loop.  I know I miss most of the drama and goings on in Twittersville, but if you ever want to talk to me give me a holler.  I’ll respond.  Or you can always email me.

I guess you could say I speak when spoken to.

But that’s not really the point of this blog.  My point is simple.  There’s this person – no, none of you – who needed my help on his way up.  I provided him with help.  I was generous with my time.  When he made it big, I became a nonentity in his world.

To be honest, it hurt like the dickens.  When something like this happens, in either our personal or professional lives, it stings.  I think it’s really important to remember the people you meet on the way up.

So, although I ain’t up there, here’s some overdue thanks to the following authors, women who’ve stuck by me since day one of my return to the world of writing:

Fran Lee

Katalina Leon

Amber Skyze

Sandra Cox

Anny Cook

Tessie Bradford

Ladies, you are the best!




The eyelash conundrum. No, not Maybelline.

A special post for Katalina Leon and all us eyelash-challenged girls.

Have you noticed how guys and horses have long, lovely lashes while a lot of us females drew the short end of the stick?  We’re stuck with stubby, raggedy, sparse lashes.  There is an answer to the eyelash conundrum.  Actually, I’ve found two solutions to my problem.

First solution – My aesthetician dyes my eyelashes once a month.  Makes them look darker and thicker.  No need for mascara.  The cost?  $10.00.

Second solution – My aesthetician gave me a sample of a solution similar to Latisse, but without the potential side effects of eyelid darkening and eye color change.  Like Latisse, you apply it to your upper lash line once a day, at bedtime.  She wanted me to try it, to see what I thought about it, to determine if it was worth recommending to other clients.  It totally works.  Not only has it made my lashes thicker, I used it to fill in a thin spot in the middle of one eyebrow.  Lashes, LTD, by  It’s my second solution because I’m so bad about remembering to apply the stuff.

The sample tube has lasted me seven months and I have a lot left.  I’m an awful skeptic, so I was very surprised the stuff worked.  Of course when I have to actually pay for it, chances are I won’t.  But just so ya know…

A big day – speed dating for this author!

I’m over at Romance Junkies on Friday, speed interviewing. Stop in, ask questions. Maybe I’ll answer, maybe I won’t. Wink…wink…

C’mon by!

I received the nicest complement from fellow author, Tessie Bradford, about my amuse bouche as Katalina Leon calls it, The Artist.  I realized I need to make this same kind of effort and mention all the wonderful stories I’ve read by my fellow authors.  Thank you, Tessie!  Your words mean the world to me.  Tessie’s newest release is Matt’s Return.  It’s in my TBR pile.  I loved her last book, Pampering Jessica.

Tessie says the following:  In my opinion, The Artist is a shining example of how a skilled author can create emotional impact in a very short story. I loved it!”

Romance Books R Us

Author Katalina Leon is talking about my new books, her exciting news and John Cleese at Romance Books “R” Us.  Drop in and say hello!

Tomorrow I’m at author Erin Quinn’s place.  Come by and win a copy of Captured.  Lovely!