I DNF’d It After Twenty Minutes.

Those of you who know me know I am a big Channing Tatum fan.  Big as in huge.  As in enormous.  As in those extra eight inches, uh, I mean those extra four inches huge erect edifice big huge.

How big?  This big!

How big? This big!

But man oh man I DNF’d Magic Mike after twenty excruciating minutes of embarrassment.  It’s awfulness embarrassed me – not personally, as in I wasn’t personally embarrassed for watching, or attempting to watch the movie, but because it was sooooo piss-poor terrible.   Cringe-worthy.  Came very close to grossing me out.


What story?

We got naked male butts, we don’t need no stinkin’ story!

Uh, yeah, sorry honey, you do need a story.

A butt out of context, no matter how stacked, is just a butt.

A butt.

A butt.