Lightning in a bottle.

Via the Urban Dictionary:

Capturing something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it and show it to the world. 

Performing a rare feat. 

A moment of creative brilliance. 

Wouldn’t you love to capture Lightning in a Bottle?  I sure would.

Speaking of lightning… We don’t often have thunderstorms.  Our area of Northern California is, unfortunately, spared the fireworks.  I say unfortunately because I’m from Iowa where we have huge-ass (Tim) thunderstorms.  I can’t tell you how many nights I watched out my bedroom window, enthralled by the lightning, awed by the thunder.

The other night I was awakened at 3 a.m. by a bright flash of lightning.  A few seconds later hubby was awakened by a crash of thunder.  It was brilliant.  Unfortunately that was all we got.  Pity.

However, that same night, my cousin in Nebraska called to tell me that in the midst of a raging blizzard they had lightning and thunder.  Life imitates art.

In the Flesh, the second book in my Soul Series, is all about the magic contained in lightning in a blizzard.

Lightning in a bottle.  I wish!


I need advice, magical advice.

Sometimes don’t you just need a confidant and advisor?

I do.

It’s not that hubby isn’t great, he is, and I pretty much tell him everything, but sometimes you want a girlfriend to talk to, someone to bounce things off, someone to set you straight or be your cheering section or tell you it will all be okay.  As a mom, I’m the – it will be okay go-to person – but I really don’t have one of those people to play that role for me.

So let’s talk, especially you paranormal authors.  I’m working on a paranormal.  It’s a bit tongue in cheek, but that aside, once you convince your reader to suspend disbelief, how far can you go?  For example, you ask the reader to suspend disbelief the minute you create a character who is a shifter or a vampire.  A shifter does not exist. Neither does a vampire. Besides, a vampire, by definition, is dead.  So, in order to be animated, or reanimated, or in order to shift, there must be some acceptance or belief in magic on the part of the reader.  When you come right down to it, all paranormal romances involve a suspension of disbelief and magic.

How far can you go and how much magic can you include?