How my husband pissed off the cat

and how the cat let him know about it.

Ichi-ban is totally into my husband.  He likes to sleep on his chest, rub his face on his chin, lick him, and he especially loves the way my husband scratches his ears.  He gets sixty seconds of ear scratching every night.

But right now Ichi is totally pissed off at my husband.  He refuses to let him scratch his ears.  In fact he refuses to acknowledge my husband’s existence.

Last night the weather was so bad it could have been the end of the world, but my husband didn’t let Ichi indoors before he came to bed.

Sure, Ichi could have used his cat door, but that’s beneath him.  Ichi is the boss of this household and he goes in and out the front door.  We are his tuna/door slaves.  Give me tuna.  Let me out the front door.  Let me in the front door.  Tuna/door slaves.

Here’s the skinny… When my husband opened the front door to let Ichi inside last night he couldn’t find him.  The cat wasn’t there.  So my husband sort of blew him off and came to bed.

At 5 a.m. I woke to the sound of something metal crashing against our fence and I realized not only was there a tempest outside, Ichi was not in our bed. I woke hubby up and asked him where Ichi was.  He said Ichi hadn’t been at the door when he went to let him in, so he left him outside.

“Guess I better go find him,” he said.

He went downstairs and opened the front door.  The cat blew in, meowing his displeasure.  He ran upstairs, jumped onto the bed, snuggled up on my chest, licked my face until he’d practically scraped my skin off– who needs micro dermabrasion when you have a cat– and completely ignored my husband.

At one point Ichi turned toward my husband, moved a paw in his direction, thought better of it and curled up under my chin.  When my husband reached over and tried to scratch his ears, Ichi pulled his head away, flattened his ears, hissed at him, and pressed even closer to me.

Yeah, he was pissed off big time.  We’ll see what happens tonight.  Unlike dogs, cats hold grudges and they have long memories.