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Wicked Wednesday and Romance Author Sharon Buchbinder!

Sharon Buchbinder is a wonderful friend and a great writer.  And we’re both nurses except she’s got her PhD.  Dang her! I’m happy to announce her new release:  Obsession.   Near Death Experiences (NDEs) When I first started writing Obsession, … Continue reading

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If anybody says dogs don’t go to heaven…

Once upon a time I read a book written by a woman who claimed to have died (unwitnessed) and gone to heaven.  I was willing to suspend disbelief until she stated the following~ only True Christians go to heaven. My … Continue reading

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Sex, heaven and the quest for Nirvana.

Hubby and I have this on-going argument – I say, “I’m coming back to this life again and you’re coming with me.”  He says, “Well, what if I don’t want to come back with you?  What if I’m done with … Continue reading

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