Meow… Oh my poor kitty-cat. (My for real cat.)

Ichi-ban (Number One) is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Here’s an image of a Norwegian Forest Cat:

Norwegian Forest Kitten.

Norwegian Forest Kitten.

Here’s Ichi:



Here’s a great video – Ichi to a tee.  He’s a beautiful, fluffy, tough, intelligent, healthy, long-lived cat. He has a mane in the winter which sheds out in the summer. He has long hair in his ears and pretty much wears mittens on all his feet.  Animal Planet, Norwegian Forest Cats.

Ichi is an exceptional cat with an exceptional story. But he’s also the reason I can’t sleep in my own bed:

Ichi sleeps on my pillows.

Ichi sleeps on my pillows.

Over the past couple years I’ve developed a cat allergy. Nothing major, just some asthma when I sleep with him. Every so often I sleep in the guest room to get away from the cat dander. Ichi has been a member of the family for 18 years. I don’t have the heart to exclude him from the family bed. So if I have to wash the sheets every other day and haul the quilt to the laundromat once a week? Small price to pay for a totally cool cat. True love…




Mia Watts pours her heart out.

Author Mia Watts is my friend and she’s written a post that felt like a kick in the gut.

Oh…she wrote about both the good and the bad in her post, Mood Swings and Reviews.  Everything she said resonated with me as I’m stuck in a big fat down period in my life, both as a writer and in general.  I’m quoting her:

“You want a look into the writer’s psyche? Here’s your look. We’re mostly solitary people because we hunker behind a computer and pour our hearts into our work. We believe in our characters. We believe in their struggles. We believe they will end up happy, because our faith in those characters is more real than fiction. We hurt for them when they don’t understand their lovers. We laugh when we’re typing a line that came out of nowhere and surprised us with its humor. You have to understand, we aren’t crazy… we just feel and know those characters so well, they are almost real to us. Yes, we know the difference between actual real people and fictitious people. But we created these guys and we care about their stories.

So, when we hear bad things it’s like a knife.”

Her site is well worth the visit and you can read the post for yourself:

In other news…you can still be in the running for the tote!  Cats not included!  And here’s a shot of my new tattoo – not the greatest view but it was hard to hold the camera and push the button with my left hand (yes, those are my jeans and white tee shirt on the floor – just getting into the shower):

I miss my boy…

Semi-coherent Ramblings.

Off to my Nazi esthetician

for an emergency pimple-ectomy and skin scraping.  Gawd, I love Tammy.  There is no one on earth who can take care of a painful pimple like my Nazi esthetician.  I had to run my daughter over there yesterday for the same thing, an emergency pimple-ectomy.  One of the drawbacks of Mediterranean/Sephardic skin – no wrinkles, but occasional breakouts.  Today will be fun because Tammy will torture me with the works!  An eyebrow wax, bikini wax…ow…micro-dermabrasion, extraction, and then she’ll soothe me with an ultra-sound deep moisturizing treatment.  Ah…so painfully good.

I woke up this morning with my German shepherd lying next to me, in my bed.  He’d burrowed under the covers and laid his head on my husband’s pillow.  He looked just like a little hairy man, or a big hairy man.  My husband gets mad because I’m not a cuddler except with the pets.  I’ll bury my nose in the dog’s hair and sleep with my arm around him all night.  He’s so big and so wolf-like in appearance that I feel as if I’m sleeping with a wild animal.  If I raised a lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, they’d be sleeping with me too.  Wouldn’t you just love to bury your face in a lion’s mane?  I sure would.

Speaking of cuddling – do you sleep all wrapped up with your sweetie or do you need space?  Aside from the pets – and I sleep in a pile with the hundred pound dog and three cats, I need space.  Can’t sleep if any part of my husband’s body touches mine.  Is that weird?  I can sleep with a cat on each shoulder, one on my feet, and the dog lying with his head on my stomach, but if my husband pokes a finger in my direction, I push it back to his side of the bed.  Does that make me a bad person?

Oh yeah, and Mia Watts said that if Julia Barrett was a man, she’d be my love slave for life!  Uh-huh.  Go, Mia.  Go, Mia.  Check out our love fest at

Open for Business!

Welcome to my world…

I’m officially here, though still trying to figure out how to work all my gadgets and widgets!

If you don’t know me yet, here are a few facts:

I have an off-beat sense of humor and I love nothing more than to laugh until I cry.

I’m an animal lover and we care for  a whole stable full of creatures and they all get along – fish, foul, dogs, cats, mice, snakes, horses…we happily support an entire food chain of creatures and they all know their names…except maybe the snake.

I somehow managed to marry the love of my life, my soul mate – we first met when I was fourteen, and we have three remarkable children because I figured the best thing I could do for this crazy world of ours was to raise conscious children.

We are a bunch of sports fanatics – all sports…all seasons.  My husband is a runner, he was all-state in football and wrestling, and we hike up hills, down hills, up mountains and down mountains like maniacs.

I played softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer and aw shucks – was a cheerleader.  Love to ride horses – it’s been an obsession of mine since I was a little kid.

My son played soccer, football and now he’s into hockey and ultimate frisbee.  One daughter is as into horses as I am, she still rides constantly – she’s a real life wrangler – my youngest played softball and soccer and basketball at a very high level and she hopes to coach.

As you can tell – sports-obsessed!

Oh yeah, I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in the eighth grade!

Enough about me for now.  Next post – my books…maybe!

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Much love,  Julia