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Naked is as naked does.

So since I’m away, hubby took Jake for two hikes today.   He and the dog left on their second hike near dusk, heading over to the wilderness park near our home.  The park is steep and, aside from the … Continue reading

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20 Sizzling Sex Secrets?

So hubs and I were in bed this morning and he happened to notice a magazine on the bedside table.  It’s a woman’s magazine… not anything I subscribe to.  I think a house guest left it and I kept it … Continue reading

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I have been declared a MILF.

Enough with the nicey nice nice posts.  I’m  a MILF!  It’s official. Pardon me for a moment while I paraphrase Kohelet, or as he’s known by his more common name, Ecclesiastes: Vanity…vanity…all is vanity. I admit it…I am as vain … Continue reading

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Murder and Mayhem or Erotica?

I may be a very weird person but I never, not once, allowed my children to watch a horror or slasher film.  Gratuitous killing was and is not welcome in my house.  Now…on the other hand, if there was a … Continue reading

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