Oh Aliens…Aliens…wherefore art thou?

I’m at Erin Quinn’s blog on Wednesday, talking about the inspiration for my award winning work of science fiction romance, Captured.  Please stop by and say hello.

It seems to me this is the perfect time to talk about Cowboys and Aliens – which hubby and I saw on Sunday night.

I knew the moment I spotted the very first ad for the movie I’d have to see it in the theater, for a few reasons:  Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig on a horse, Harrison Ford, cowboys, aliens and Daniel Craig’s bare chest.  I have a thing about Daniel Craig.  Rachel Weisz is one lucky woman.

Okay, so anyway, yeah, the movie’s fun and all that, real entertaining, worth your dollar, but a couple things bothered me – and here’s where Captured comes in.  In film these days, aliens are portrayed as super villains.  If I’m going to watch villainous aliens, I’d much prefer the aliens in Independence Day because while their technology was far superior to ours, their bodies were just as fragile.

In Captured, Ekkatt’s people, the Atun, are somewhat bigger and stronger, but they are humanoid, and in truth, their concerns are similar to ours.  Unlike the aliens in Cowboys and Aliens, they can’t run at 60-70 mph, they can’t take down a horse and rider with a sweep of their arm, they can’t fight with ten arrows sticking out of their backs and five blasts to the chest with a six-shooter.

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not really) – if an alien species ever does visit us, I suspect they won’t need to probe us or laser us to learn about our bodies because if they have the technology to get here in the first place, they’ll have scanners of some sort.  Think the predator in Predator (I love love love that movie).  Or something far more advanced.  I mean c’mon, we have all sorts of scanners – infrared, magnetic resonance imaging scanners, all sort of nuclear and x-ray scanners and we’re pretty primitive.

I also found it amusing that the few humans in the posse kept getting killed by the massive numbers of aliens, but somehow the number of humans never diminished and in fact, seemed to increase.  Ah, suspension of disbelief…

I had a few other issues with the movie, but you know, watching Daniel Craig ride a horse as though he was born to it, made all those issues fade to black.

By the way, Charlie over at Smart Girls Love Scifi has a great discussion going on about Cowboys and Aliens if you want to talk more about the movie.

Incorporeal – Virtual Book Tour.

Here I come!

Right now you can visit Fangs, Wands and Fairydust to read a sweet review of Incorporeal.

There’s another wonderful review from Charlie at Smart Girls Love Scifi and Paranormal Romance.

Amber Skyze invited me to speak at her place on July 27th.  Come say hi to both of us!

July 29th I’ll be over at Rosalie Lario’s place with a guest blog.  Please drop in!

July 31st The TBR Pile will be posting a review.  Fingers crossed that it’s a good one!

August 1st I’ll be back at Charlie’s with a guest post about science fiction and fantasy – hope to see you!

August 4th I’m a guest at Desert Island Keepers, with a post and a giveaway.  Should be fun!

Author Erin Quinn has asked me to be her guest on August 10th, to discuss my love of science fiction and the source of my stories.  Again, I’d love to see you!

An ambitious schedule…I shall attempt the crest!

Tuesday or Wednesday:  How my husband taught me the value of delayed gratification and how author Katalina Leon reinforced him.

Wednesday or Thursday:  Blue Jeans and Stilettos.

Amazing Reviews for Incorporeal plus a contest!

Please stop head over and see what these two book reviewers/bloggers have to say about Incorporeal.  Steph at Fangs, Wands and Fairydust not only posted a review, she’s running a contest for a free pdf copy of the book.

Charlie, at Smart Girls Love Scifi and Paranormal Romance posted a delightful review. You’ll find my guest post there on Aug. 1.

Thank you both!  Happy Sunday!

Aliens – A really interesting series of posts.

Charlie over at Smart Girls Love Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance has a wonderful series of posts about aliens in popular culture.  Today she’s asking the question -  How are female aliens portrayed in film?  Is their portrayal different from the way male aliens are portrayed?

I totally think so.  I think female aliens are either sex objects or evil or both.  I commented that this Bud Lite commercial is a great illustration of the way we view female aliens.  (It’s pretty funny too!)

A few amazing individuals.

When I was first published, author Jenyfer Matthews contacted me and offered to help promote my work in any way she could.  I was so very grateful.

Jenyfer lives, or up until a few days ago, lived in Cairo, Egypt.  She and her family were airlifted back to the States.  I can only imagine how traumatic this event has been and I know she feels a great deal of sympathy and empathy for the Egyptian people are experiencing.  She’s posted a series of stories and photos about her recent experiences here.  Please visit her.  She is one brave woman.

I’ve met another nurse/author – she has a PhD.  I’m so impressed!  Anyway, she is one cool lady and we have lots and lots in common.  Sharon Buchbinder is one of those people I was curious about so we checked each other out.  Her coming release is Deception and Desire.  From the brief snippet I read, the work is intriguing, moving, and above all, suspenseful.  You can visit her site and her books here.

I’m reading Replay, by Ken Grimwood.  I LOVE IT.  This is a great book for science fiction fans.  I may have gotten the rec from Charlie at Smart Girls Love Scifi.  If so, thanks, Charlie.  If not, thanks to whoever gave me the rec.

Stop by tomorrow for a guest post from Stephanie, blogger extraordinaire, Assessing the ‘Ick’ Factor in Romantic Erotica.  Oh…I cannot wait for this.  I tol’ you and I tol’ you – now you have to listen to Steph!  Some of what Steph read to me made me want to scrub my brain with Clorox bleach, or maybe pith myself.

The rest of the week, through Valentine’s Day, I’m running a contest.  I have chocolate goodies for you!  All you have to do is read an excerpt and answer a question.  Easy as pie.