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From In Pieces, by Geoffrey Mann“Which is worse, committing marital infidelity as you put it, or being unfaithful or untrue to yourself?”

On the surface, In Pieces is an erotic love story.  Sex and sexual desire do not end at fifty or sixty.  Sex, and the possibility of sex, are powerful motivators at any age.

John is married to Jane.  John wants a relationship, but Jane is too mentally ill, too cold, and too emotionally divested to actually have a relationship with another person.  Her interest is in the sex act alone.  Anonymous sex will do.

John’s business has failed.  He returns to England to regain his footing while Jane chooses to stay behind in San Francisco, where she can continue to do as she pleases.  Yet she remains bitter, blaming John for their troubled marriage.

Downtrodden and depressed, John doesn’t even realize he’s looking for love and warmth and companionship until he finds it where he least expects it, with his sixty-one year old neighbor, Rosie. It takes Rosie’s kindness to wake John up to the fact that he’s not responsible for his failed marriage.  He’s only responsible for himself.

Geoffrey Mann has written a lovely first book.

Remember all, I’m not a book reviewer… I just occasionally review an interesting book…

You can buy In Pieces here.

Other recent reads:

Highly Recommended – Winter Woman, by Jenna Kernan Many thanks to Penny at Penelope’s Romance Reviews for reviewing this book.  I read it in two sittings on my trip, passed it on to my hubby who read it while I drove.  We both loved the book.  It’s one of those you just can’t stop reading until the words, The End. And then you want more.  Here’s Penny’s review.

Super Highly Recommended – A Week As Andrea Benstock, by Jill Emerson (Lawrence Block writing as Jill Emerson).  My favorite Lawrence Block book to date and he published it back in 1975.  Scathing expose of the role of women in the 60′s.  The brilliant Andrea wants so much more out of life than to be a housewife, but the truth is, she doesn’t possess the wherewithal or the determination to get it.  Sex with strangers and a great deal of alcohol is involved in her failed quest for freedom.  In the end, she settles for what she never wanted in the first place…security and sameness and suburbia.  But she’s paid a price.  Isn’t there always a price?  Here’s the Kindle version.  I picked up a used paperback copy.

Reading a great book, thanks to a rec from author Stacey Espino – lullabies for little criminals, a novel by Heather O’Neill.  Great stuff.  Fabulous read.  More info here.

Tomorrow…who knows?

My dear friend, author Stacey Espino

has an upcoming release.  Stacey’s generous help has been invaluable to me – her experience with publishing and formatting makes my job a piece of cake.  In addition to writing her buns off and assisting and advising other authors, she’s a wife and busy mother.  She goes the extra mile for everyone.  So, without further ado, here is Stacey’s newest book:

Jane’s just inherited her late uncle’s estate. But there’s a catch. She has to ride along in a two-week-long cattle drive or she’ll forfeit the ranch and money. The city girl doesn’t have a clue where to start, so she advertises for three cowboys to assist her.

Chase, Brad and Dawson are hired to drive five thousand head of cattle across the prairies of Alberta. They expect their boss to be some spoiled rich boy looking for adventure, not a stunning woman with legs to die for. She’s unlike any cowgirl—complaining, cursing, and driving them nuts with her forked tongue. It’ll take some tying up and rough cowboy handling to teach the little siren how to behave.

Corralling the City Girl will be available here October 6th.  10% off through October 13th!

The Artist.

I took a chance and uploaded an erotic short to Kindle on Thursday.  Just testing the waters.  I have a number of short stories hanging around…some erotic, some pretty much mainstream fiction.  Now that short stories are selling again, I’d like to play around a little bit.  Many thanks to Winterheart Design for the incredible cover, and my author friend Stacey Espino for her invaluable assistance.

The Artist, by J.R. Barrett.

For $.99 what have you got to lose?  I’m letting you in on my secret life.  :P

Release Day – One Four All

Nervous, excited, anxious, happy, worried, stressed, relieved…

My first menage so yeah, I’m kind of a wreck, wondering how it will be received.  Here’s the blurb and the buy link and you can read an adult excerpt over there…yum!

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, September 22nd

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Lira Pakan, heir to the Throne of Zhinshu, has vanished. Her zealots gather along the border with the neighboring state of Khubuk, awaiting the outcome of her father’s pleas to the World Court.

Captain Tanner Kepp serves in the elite Special Forces of Khubuk. When the captain is ordered to choose two men to accompany him to Land’s End, an isolated compound on the maritime border between Khubuk and Zinshu, the last thing he expects to find is the missing princess.

Captain Kepp, Arms Master Cer Watso and Sergeant Redda Till realize they must rescue her and avert all out war.

The princess, however, has other plans. These men can be more than her rescuers. According to the law of Zhinshu, she must choose three men as consorts. Her people say: “one to guard the right hand, one to guard the left hand, and one to guard the back, always.”

A Siren Erotic Romance

Today I’m kicking off a blog tour to promote One Four All.  You can find me at Tina Donahue’s place, where I’ll be giving one lucky person a copy of the menage:

And author Stacey Espino has interviewed me on her site:

Drop by and leave me a comment!  Thanks and wish me luck!  julia

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A Guest Blog by My Friend, Author Katalina Leon.

I asked my friend, Katalina Leon, to write a guest blog.

I was hoping she’d describe in detail the loss of her bathing suit bottom while para sailing but…no such luck!  She surprised me by sending this blog about my book, Captured.

I just finished reading a very usual and wonderful book “Captured” by Julia Rachel Barrett. Julia is not only a blog-mate of mine and a friend is she is also a hardcore Science Fiction fan and that’s makes her a bit unique in a field of romance authors who often look elsewhere for inspiration. I’m a big Sci-fi fan also. Julia and I have a lot of common ground, and shared influences in our lives and that’s why I was so excited to read “Captured” her first of what I’m convinced will be many wonderful Sci-fi novels.

I loved “Captured” because it works on so many levels. Make no mistake about it this book is a very tender romance with a strong sexual attraction and lots of emotional interaction between the human woman Mari and her Attun-ra captor and ultimately her savior—Ekkatt. Both characters are vividly written and we easily understand how they come to feel what they feel for each other.

What’s exceptional is Ms. Barrett’s clever balancing act. All the classic elements of great Sci-fi are here, world-building, controversy, social commentary, visionary elements of a changed society and most of all a working philosophy. After all Science Fiction’s great strength is that it allows us to step outside our culture—even our humanness in order to get a clearer view of it. That definitely happens in Captured. I had lots to think about long after the book was finished and that’s what good Sci-fi does. Captured beautifully deals with a dozen very difficult and certainly controversial social issues and handles the subjects maturely. This same plot, which prophetically appeared to Julia in its completion during a dream last summer, could have gone terribly astray in the wrong hands but it didn’t here. This book works as a romance, it’s erotic and it fulfills its mission as complex entertainment that has many layers to discover and ponder long after you’re done reading it.

I’m happy to announce Julia Rachel Barrett has lots more Sci-fi on the way with the “Daughters of Persephone” series, which is coming next month. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

XXOO Katalina Leon

Katalina Leon is the author of Owned by Rome and Beautiful Stranger.  You can find her here: She’s amazing!

I have to give a shout out to author Stacey Espino who surprised me with an interview yesterday – I’m over at her site talking about science fiction and my upcoming release, Daughters of Persephone: