Who’s Your Bookish Boyfriend?

Well, one of my bookish girlfriends, Juli Revezzo, tagged me with this meme.

The only reason I’m doin’ it is because of Mr. Rochester.  He’s my bookish boyfriend.  Mr. Rochester, from Jane Eyre, is one sexy beast.  Or as Penny Watson calls him, Rocky McRochester.

Juli says this:  We all have our favorite book boyfriends and now you have the chance to create one just for yourself and your fantasies! How do you play? Fill out the quiz bellow, post a picture of sexy man and tag five (5) other book addicts to do the same. Don’t forget to pop to their blogs as let them know they have been tagged! Once tagged… you have to do the same, answer the questions and keep it rolling! But don’t forget the picture of the sexy man!

I’m only gonna tag one person, but feel free to run with this if you like, and let me know so I can stop by.

Hair color and style:  Dark and wavy.

Eye color and facial features:  Brown eyes, hazel eyes.  Gotta have a manly jaw.  I like a firm jawline.

Height and body type:  Six feet tall  is fine.  Too tall and I’m looking at his belly button.  Lean and fit is a good body type for me.  I like muscles as much as the next woman but big and bulky doesn’t do it for me.

Visible age:  My husband’s age – whatever it happens to be at the time.

Oh god… Bangability?  Kinky?  Bi?  Etc?:  My mouth just dropped open.  Uh… He must be all mine.

Interests:  Sports, the outdoors, children, babies, pets, hiking, reading, movies, current events.  Must love baseball, babies, doggies and must be willing to ride horses when the occasion demands.

Human or Alien or Shifter?:  Human, with the exception of Ekkatt from my book Captured.

Paranormal skills:  My husband can already read my mind so…

Natural habitat:  The great outdoors.  A one-room cabin is fine with me.

Special skills:  You mean like… Ninja skills and X-ray vision?  Must be a good driver.  Must be great with children and animals.  Must be super macho without all the testosterone-induced posturing.  And complicated.  I don’t do easy.

I tag… Stephanie Berget.  She needs some tagging!

Oh yeah, the pic!

Gerard Butler, my fave.  Looks like my hubs.

Gerard Butler, my fave. Looks like my hubs.



Why it’s so important to…

write what you know.

An author I’m slightly familiar with recently asked a question on her blog – What writing advice would you give a would-be or wanna-be writer?

My advice is, and will always be, write what you know.

Does that mean you can’t use your imagination and set a story in the past, the future or in a galaxy far, far away?  Or that your character can’t be a ghost, a vampire, a demon filled with self-loathing?  Of course not.

Cheap Thrills, my favorite album and cover.

What it means is this – at the heart of every story you write must lie authenticity.  To paraphrase Janis Joplin in a song written by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns – A Piece of My Heart.  Include a piece of your heart.

You should be familiar with your characters and the challenges they face, the situations you place them in — in other words, write what you know.

If your voice is inauthentic, while you may write an entertaining piece, it is ultimately forgettable.

The irony is this – a work can be forgettable and even, well, crap, and still sell like hotcakes.  But it won’t be a work I’ll buy.

Ce la vie.  Who cares what I buy?


I did read a snippet of a work in progress by a hopeful author, Stephanie Berget.  Just a snippet, a smidge.  The authenticity in her voice jumped out at me and I knew immediately if and when she gets published, or publishes, I will buy her book.

Here’s a story, a true story.  I once believed most journalists possessed integrity.  I did, really.  And, as my uncle was a journalist and he possessed integrity I know some do, indeed, possess integrity.

Anyway… I attended a writer’s conference.  It was by invitation only, in other words I had to submit a sample of my work, which was evaluated by a committee, which then determined my skill level was acceptable and I was granted admission.

On faculty was a woman I so admired, a NYT bestselling author.  I thought she’d be, oh I don’t know, professional, erudite, informative, mature… everything I expected a bestselling author and high profile journalist for a major international publication to be.  I knew she’d impart words of wisdom I’d never, ever forget… words that would inspire me, encourage me in my elusive quest for publication.

Of course I registered for a day-long workshop with her, entitled– The Art of the Short Story.  She was the one person I was determined to learn from.  I was already familiar with the structure of a short story, but I was convinced she could provide insights into the secret world behind the deep, dark, mysterious, and oh-so elite publishing curtain… Insights to help me craft a better story, one that would attract the attention of magazines, publishers and literary agents.

She appeared two hours late, her hair a rat’s nest, wearing sunglasses, hungover, barely able to speak above a garbled whisper because of her headache.

The workshop was supposed to last the entire day.  She managed to spend a single hour with us before she had to go vomit.  In that one hour I learned the following-

1.  Whom she’d had sex with over the past five years.  Where she’d had sex.  Who gave it to her in the ass.  I have never been able to look at him the same since (on film) because if she’s the kind of person he wants to have sex with, uh, yuck.  He must have slunk off the next day with his tail between his legs.  (By the way, she is a lit fic author, doesn’t write erotica.)

2.  How much she charged the magazine for her trips, both national and international, purportedly to do research, but in actuality to drink and hook up with men.

3.  Her words of wisdom– “Just make it up.  Lie.  When you’re too hungover to do the interview you’ve scheduled, or check out the statistics your article is supposed to be based on, pretend you did the research.  In this business we make up shit all the time.”

Yeah, I paid for this.  I paid good money… for this.  Her books, the books I brought hoping for an autograph, went straight into the trash bin.  Not so much because I was disillusioned with her as a person, but because it cost a whole lot to hear her truth and her truth was a disrespectful lie from start to finish.  Disrespectful to her profession, to her employers, to her fans, disrespectful to those of us who paid money to learn from her.  You want to know the worst part?  The women attendees, not the men, followed her around for five days with their tongues hanging out, panting after her like she was a bitch in heat.  I think that surprised me the most.

So I’m telling you– I’ve been writing for a lot of years.  Write what you know.  Don’t lie like she did.  All stories are a lie, or if you prefer, a fantasy to a greater or lesser degree, but at the core of every lie you tell must be your truth.  A discerning reader will know the difference.  Respect your readers, your characters and yourself.





The Liebster Award. You can thank Tom Stronach.

Yesterday, Tom Stronach, who I have never met in person, and certainly never bribed, at least not with money, nominated me for the Liebster award.  It’s sort of a blogging award.

However, if you head over to his site, it’s also a randy snowman award.  If I could return the favor, I would, because Tom would win the award for making me spit out beverages, both hot and cold, with regularity.  And he doesn’t care… He derives infinite pleasure from my choking.  Sadist!

I’m supposed to give out five awards… mention five other bloggers that I consider unique.

So many people I know are worth your time.  So many… I can’t even begin to choose just five.  What I’ve decided to do is send you in the direction of five bloggers I’ve recently discovered.

Simply Kayla’s Book Reviews.  Kayla is a college student with enough enthusiasm to power the galaxy.  She may be the most joyful young woman I’ve met online and her book reviews just keep getting better and better.

Stephanie Berget.  This is a woman who knows how to ride a horse.  That makes her A-Okay in my book.  She’s a stickler for authentic detail.  Listen up you wanna-be cowgirls.  She has lots of advice for would-be writers of Western Romance.

Diana Stevan Writer.  Diana provides readers with a little of everything. She’s truly a renaissance woman.  You can read book reviews, movie reviews, touching videos… Her site is beautiful and filled with wisdom.

Epub World, Writing and Marketing in the Indie Book Publishing World.  Curtis Hox and Rose Andrade don’t post often, but when they do, look out.  Commonsense prevails.

Stant Litore and his Zombie Bible Blogspot.  This author takes individual books of the bible, which obviously is already a morality play, and restructures them as zombie tales. He asks – how would biblical figures deal with a zombie apocalypse?  The truth is, the man writes poetry.  Really interesting stuff.

Okay.  All done.  Have fun exploring.

Oh, the rules for you award winners if you choose to accept this challenge (no pressure) -

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2.  Nominate up to five other blogs for the award and let your nominees know.