My Heart Goes Out To – Penelope at PennyRomance.

She is the nicest person, an author, a book blogger and reviewer.  She’s in the hospital.  I know we’re only friends online, but online friends are great friends.  I’m wishing her a speedy recovery.  Having spent time as a charge nurse in Coronary Care, I know she’s getting all kinds of TLC!

Chris, at Stumbling Over Chaos, posted this link and I found it very interesting.  Most readers said their pet peeve about books is a bad cover.  I’ve had more than my share of those – in the past – not now – it wasn’t my fault!  I didn’t ask for a sucky cover…I swear! It’s not as if I said – Gimme the worst POS cover ya got – on my cover request!  Whether we like it or not, we are a visual species.  A cover is the very first thing a reader sees and a cover can make or break a book.  Even though of all people, I should know better, I’ll skip over a book with a silly, stupid or just plain bad cover.

Literary agent, Nathan Bransford, no…he’s not my agent…I have no agent…but he writes a good, informative, participatory blog – oh, that’s what I was going to say…he writes a good, informative, participatory blog – here’s the link: I’m considering attending the writer’s conference – haven’t been to one in a number of years, not since I got hit on by the published author who was supposed to be mentoring me.  Blech.  He, Nathan, not the lecherous author, has a recent post for all you Lost fans.  My sister is Lost-obsessed.  She watches the DVDs over and over and over again.  I’ve never watched it and I never will.

If you’re reading this, happy Saturday!  My puppy is doing well.  I’m still too sleep-deprived to do much more than stare at my WIP.  My husband promises to sleep with the puppy this weekend so I can spend at least one night in my own heavenly bed.  Sigh…

Linkity-link or as Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust says…

Pay it forward!

You want to talk True Blood?  Head over to Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust for the best in discussions and spoilers.  I’m struggling to watch this season as things have taken a turn for the bloody!

For some great misadventures in Stock Photography, a giveaway and pumpkin ravioli – head over to Stumbling Over Chaos.

Jessica, over at Read React Review has posted some fascinating links, among them a link to Nathan Bransford, Literary Agent, and his excellent and very funny blog post:  Top Ten Myths About Our E-book Future.

If I get a chance, I’ll check out all my friends but I’m off to hike, run errands and then it’s back to the never-ending re-write.  Sigh.

Why I love book bloggers!

Recs!  I love reading reviews – sometimes I find a gem in a genre that isn’t exactly my cup of tea, like Steampunk and YA.  I just bought a used copy of Kathleen Givens’ Historical set in 13th century Scotland, Rivals for the Throne.  Historicals aren’t among my usual suspects, but this book was highly recommended by a book blogger and her readers – I bought it before I left and it was waiting for me on my porch when I returned.  I wish I could remember which blogger featured the book…sorry!

Interaction!  Book bloggers like to…well…let me qualify that…many book bloggers like to interact with authors.  They are happy to read and review our books, and feature interviews, guest blogs and givaways.  They make me feel welcome!  It’s a quid pro quo kind of thing – very participatory and I love that!  Susi over at Book Lovers Inc. gave my coming sci fi book, Daughters of Persephone, a plug in her new releases post – I believe she plans to post her interview with me today or tomorrow as the book comes out tomorrow…fingers crossed!

Hilarity!  Jessica over at Read React Review and her ROTFLMAO review, or rather, nuview, of Passion, by Lisa Valdez.  I just about peed my pants reading her post!

Education!  Rebecca, at Dirty Sexy Books, Jessica at Read React Review, Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos, Kelly at Five Agents and a Funeral, and everybody at Dear Author – are all really smart as opposed to snark.  They manage to enlighten without insulting. I’m likely to come away from one of their posts with a new perspective on an author or a genre or the publishing industry in general.  Thanks, ladies!

A modicum of success is fucking scary!

Beauty and the Feast is hot on Fictionwise and All Romance Ebooks.  That scares me.  Yeah, I guess I’ve paid my dues in a sense, but the way we see things in my family, any success whatsoever attracts the evil eye.   Wooooooooo.  It’s like when my husband says – Gee, my car is running great! – and I slap my hand over his mouth and knock on wood – I remind him that speaking of good things is a surefire way to guarantee an immediate blown head gasket!

To make a long story short…thank you for buying my books and please keep buying them.  Maybe one of these days I’ll be PAN Eligible.  I don’t want to talk dollars and cents so if you are wondering what that is, feel free to look it up.

I think my newsletter will be out today or tomorrow – for those of you who don’t receive the newsletter, I have a new contract with Siren for my very first menage – All Four One.  This is a futuristic work of science fiction – the story takes place maybe 150 years from now in the Pacific Northwest.  I do love sci fi.  My husband says that erotic sci fi is a bit of a contradiction in terms but I find it heavenly to write.

Many thanks to Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos for her sci fi recommendation, Babel-17, by Samuel R. Delany, an unknown-to-me author and work published back in 1966.  I told her the story is like a cross between Ringworld, Albert Einstein and The Left Hand of Darkness.  The premise of the book is that language influences thought and perceived reality – not the meaning, but the words themselves.  Deep stuff!

Many thanks to Susi over at The Geeky Bookworm who asked me to guest post this past week.  If you want to win one of my books, leave a comment – she’s extended her contest for a couple days due to her school schedule.

Today is Memorial Day – my dad and all my uncles served in various branches of the Armed Forces so thank you, men and women, who put your lives on the line for us everyday!  You are never forgotten.

Mi vida loca.

These spam comments I get are meshugah!  (Yeah, I know, mixing my metaphoric languages.)

“This is my first time i stop in here. I create so innumerable absorbing stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I imagine I am not the just individual having all the joy here! keep up the good work.”

Honey, I hope you are not the just individual having all the joy here!

Nope, the truth is, I have all the joy here! My best friends are my fellow authors, to know you is to love you – and then there’s Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos, who joins in when she can and posts the most delightful pictures of her hilarious cats over at her site.  Hey Chris – when I pull my cat Yoshi’s ears back, he’s the spitting image of King Tut!  I swear King Tut has been reincarnated as my cat!

Last night hubby came to bed, where I was all snuggled up with our German shepherd, and he asked me a loaded question – Who do you like better, me or the dog?

What could I say?  I told him the truth.  I like you both the same…I love all my family and that includes my pets.  I know, right?  Yo estoy muy loca.  Fortunately, hubby has known me since I was fourteen and he understands me better than anyone.

I’ve always preferred animals to people.  Animals don’t disappoint in the same way people do.  I’m also not afraid of wild animals except for sharks and grizzly bears.  When I hike in isolated areas, it’s not mountain lions I’m concerned about.  It’s the occasional creepy guy I run into.  Thus the amazingly powerful dog by my side.

Continuing this rambling post, here’s what I think.  Once upon a time, I got my daughter a little brown pet mouse and she named him Chocolate.  She carried Chocolate everywhere – in a pocket.  He was a really smart guy who never pooped in her pocket and acted remarkably human.  He was a sweet, kind, gentle mouse.  After Chocolate died, we found Kitty, a young cat who gave birth to kittens in the same daughter’s closet.  From the moment Norman was born, we knew he was Chocolate reincarnated.  Chocolate got to move up the karmic ladder!  Norman lived for fourteen years and after he died, I wondered if he’d come back as a dog, but no, he decided to return to us in cat form – you know, cats are a very highly developed life form – Rico, one of our twin black kitties, is Norman.  When we look into his eyes, it’s Norman looking back.  Rico’s brother Yoshi, on the other hand, is King Tut.

I’m not close to many people outside of my family – my family by definition includes humans and animals.  The most remarkable thing about writing romance and blogging about it, is that I’ve made so many friends online.  I have met great people, authors and readers and bloggers.  When I meet them in real life, as I met Anny Cook, it’s amazing.

According to Dan Buettner in his book, The Blue Zones, a sense of community contributes to good health and long life.  I’m not much into the community where I live, nor am I into any of the communities where I previously lived, but I do feel a sense of community and kinship with you.

Yup.  I am not the just individual having joy here!