The other chocolate…

Do you have a favorite food?

When I was up in Oregon, I swear the one thing that kept me going were the Human Bean Mexi-Mochas.  Espresso, chocolate and cinnamon.  Any time was the perfect time – early in the morning on my way to the hospital, late at night on my way to the hospital, midday when I’d had nothing to eat for hours.  At midnight on my way back to the motel~ didn’t sleep much.

I lived on them.

A Mexi-Mocha provided me with two of the three most essential food groups – chocolate and coffee.  The cinnamon was gravy.

The third essential food group?  French fries.  Pomme Frites.  (And from the vegetable group~ ketchup.)

I do eat other things, but the reason I bring up French fries is because yesterday my shipping guy, yes I do have a shipping guy and we are on a first name basis – he’s Ernie I’m Julia – so yesterday Ernie and I were comparing notes on Pomme Frites.

Why we were comparing French fries, I have no idea.  Can’t remember what started the conversation.  Oh!  Now I remember!  I was mailing a care package to my son in college in Maine and I happened to mention to Ernie that the one thing my son really craves is a Carl’s Jr. Jalapeno Burger.  There are no fast food joints where he lives.  Thus the conversation segued into French fries.

Ernie and I compared all the ‘fry’ joints in town and we agreed the best French fries are Duck Fat Fries – potatoes cooked in duck fat, which makes me sad since we used to have a pet duck named Quackettes.

Duck Fat Fries are out of this world.

Sorry, Quackettes, I’m really really sorry.

The truth is, we’re not much into fast food, but the other awful truth is this- you crave what you can’t have.  Do you know why I didn’t stay in Israel?  And no, it wasn’t a fear of entering the army… I missed Taco Bell.  I swear.  I missed Taco Bell.  It’s so silly.

I gotta go get some Duck Fat Fries tomorrow to munch on while I’m proofing the next two installments of Daughters of Persephone~ Reborn and The Red Demon.