Holy Shite!

How long must I wait???

Orphan black 1

The second season of Orphan Black (on BBC America) won’t premier until Spring 2014.  Shite!  Shite!  Shite!


Vikings, second season, 2014.  Fy faen!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, fourth season, 2014.  Godsdamn!

True Blood can bite me.  It sucks!

the walking dead

The Walking Dead, fourth season, October 2013 – will watch one or two episodes to see if it’s worth my time.  Ya had to kill off Shane, didn’t ya?

downton abbey

Downton Abby premiers January 5, 2014.  Oh my dear darling, yes!

Big Bang Theory

Person of Interest

In the meantime I’ll have to make do with Big Bang Theory and Person of Interest.  Looking forward to September.

the sharons

You know… the writing for the small screen is so much more creative and interesting than writing for the big screen right now.  Orphan Black may be the best series… ever.  My passionate love for Sara Manning and her sistras rivals my love for the Sharons on BSG.

So while I was eating my Cylon toast and drinking my way

through a bottle of Spanish wine – it was really good and I’ve been under a lot of stress -

At 2:00 a.m. I started thinking about how much more stressed I could be, I mean without the wine and the Cylon toast.

I love my Cylon toaster… sighing with pleasure.  Had to wait until the old regular toaster stopped working before my husband would let me unveil the new Cylon toaster, which I’ve had stuffed in a box in my office since the heyday of the new BSG.  Oh those Sharons…

I do have a nasty hangover this morning.  But it’s my own fault and I accept the consequences of my drinking.  When my husband arrived home last night his eyes popped open.  You shoulda seen him.  I never drink, let alone drink alone.

I had hoped to post about day one of Daughters of Persephone, Book Three Reborn – which I do consider my magnum opus of this particular series, but Amazon lost the book.  Yeah.  Misplaced it.  Dang!

Here’s a peek:

A thousand years have passed since the Empress Aja Bokinan and her consort Kyr Aram settled on Calen.  As the legend foretold, a great evil has arisen.  Black Frocks scour the planets, searching out women, children and even men with a trace of the Royal Blood, sacrificing them to their dark god.

When they see her mahogany hair and gray eyes, Issa Bokinan’s family flees the village for the safety of the mountains, but even that is not far enough.  It is up to The Red Demon, Tem, to hide the young Empress away in the past, teaching her to use her powers, grooming her for the day when she will face the Black Frocks and her own death.

But the Red Demon has a plan within a plan.  She’s meddled in the gene pool, producing a man with powers Women of the Blood only dream of.  She wants Kane Tirol for her own, but Kane, a Calen man, wants nothing to do with the Red Demon.  He is bonded to Issa Bokinan, and not even time will keep them apart.

P.S.  It’s up.  It’s up.  It’s up!  Here.  And IT’S FREE STARTING THE 5TH!

Eye of the Needle, I cannot tell a lie and my sexy guys!

WWII German superspy, the Needle, who gravitates towards murder using his trusty switchblade, discovers vital evidence about the Allies D-Day invasion. He makes for the Scotish coast to escape on a U-Boat when his small boat is shipwrecked before being picked up and the Needle is washed ashore. He is saved by a man destined to never enter the war and his wife and child. The Needle quickly falls in love with the woman and both must decide between their love or country.

Eye of the Needle is a 1981 film directed by Richard Marquand, based on the novel of the same title by Ken Follett, and starring Donald Sutherland. The Storm Island scenes were shot over eight weeks on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides.

Rebecca, of Dirty Sexy Books, recently ran a post about movies in which she asked – have you ever watched a movie that so intrigued you, it ignited an interest in reading the book it was based on?  I responded – no.  I lied!  I realized that I loved the suspenseful movie, Eye of the Needle, so much that I ran out and bought the book, read it cover to cover, enjoying both the movie and the book equally.  Donald Sutherland and Kate Nelligan were brilliant.  Sutherland plays the vicious WWII German spy, der Nadel, (self-explanatory if you read the book or watch the movie).  Kate Nelligan plays an intelligent, long-suffering married woman.  She’s lonely and isolated, desperate for affection and attention and quite frankly, she needs a compassionate, empathetic shoulder to lean on.  Sutherland wants to be that shoulder, among other body parts.  The passion and the tragedy in the movie and the book tore me up because…well…if you’ve got Netflix, rent the film or buy the book.  In addition, one of the most appealing things about the characters is that they are real – they do not have perfect bodies or use body doubles.

Okay, sexy guys!  I have new sexy guys on TV, and one girl crush.  Let’s leave True Blood out of this, I’m talking network TV and The Travel Channel.  Bear with me now!

Sexy guy number one:  Alex O’Laughlin, the Australian actor who played reluctant vampire Mick St. John in the short-lived series, Moonlight – which I loved and I was totally pissed off when the network pulled the show!  He’s in the new Hawaii Five-O and I cannot wait because he’s starring with my girl crush, my favorite Cylon, former BSG-er Grace Park, better known as the Sharons or the Eights.  Oh God, I adore the Sharons!

See?  Alex.  Yum.

Sexy guy number two – Anthony Bourdain, of No Reservations on the Travel Channel.   From the moment I saw him on Food Network – way back when -  his risque bad boy behavior pushed all my right buttons.  When The Food Network lost him, or canned him, I don’t know which, the channel lost their edge.  He’s got all the right stuff – great face, great voice, great body, great bad boy aura of danger, and food chops to boot.  Again…yummm.

Who’s on your list?