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Ghosts? Guardians? Archangels? Transmigration of Souls?

 Incorporeal: As much as she wishes otherwise, Sara Wise sees ghosts. When a five hundred year old incorporeal being appears in her shower she orders him to leave, but he refuses. Sara knows he’s not her usual spectral visitor. Is Nathan de Manua a ghost? Her guardian angel? As her feelings for this incorporeal being grow, so do his powers. Will Nathan save Sara, or will her love redeem his tortured soul? 

In the Flesh: In the middle of a blizzard a naked man falls from the sky right in front of Dr. Sydney Blake’s pickup. Although the man claims to be human, Syd has serious doubts. Wolf may not remember his origins, but he’s clear about one thing, he’s traded immortality for one night in Syd’s arms. 

Stay: Just when Syd believes she’s lost Wolf forever to her great joy he reappears, but he can’t remember a thing about their brief time together. How on earth can she reawaken those memories, remind him of the love they shared, and convince him he’s the father of her unborn baby, especially when regaining his memory is the last thing he wants to do? 

The Soul Series is a collection of three books, Incorporeal, In the Flesh, and Stay, complete with previously unpublished bonus material.

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A Quick Note.

I’m finished with edits. Done with my blurb. Working on my cover. Taking my own photographs this time and working with my own personal cover artist. He created the cover for One Foot In Heaven, Journey of a Hospice Nurse. Love that cover, by the way.

One of my short stories – non-romance – has been accepted into an anthology. The anthology should be released this summer. Mum’s the word for the time being. This is as much information as I can divulge. I’m happy about it though.

The knee sorta sucks. Slow healing. Some backsliding involved. Forced to take it easy– again. Sigh… and double sigh.

Inactivity and I are a contradiction in terms.

Now, must put my birdies to bed and maybe I’ll do a little reading. Got some good books uploaded to my Kindle. Nonfic here I come!

Oh, here’s a freebie- The Soul Series Special Edition  - all three books, Incorporeal, In the Flesh and Stay plus bonus material. Yum!

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As Tom says, Lurv yas!


Seriously belated update.

I’m dreaming…

Well, it’s like this — have house guests and, uh, just like in 2013, loads of personal stuff going on all at once.  I’m hoping for an opportunity to write.  I’m currently (not) writing an interesting novel.  Working title?  Caleb Wiseman. We’ll see. I may be too busy to give the WIP its due– about a third of the way through– but I’m dreaming about it, one chapter at a time. I’m super excited about this book, just don’t have much free time.

Still waiting to hear if the finger needs surgery. It’s uuuugly, man. Super ugly. Hubs tore his left meniscus (knee) which is going to require a repair. Puts a crimp in his running style, let me tell you! And I have some traveling to do this year. Kids need me. It’s great to be needed tho, I swear!

In the meantime, I am loving my first ever slow-cooker.  I’ve never before owned a slow cooker.  Just made the best barbecued pork shoulder and today I’m making beans and chicken. This is so fun! Damn, I’m lovin’ it!

Slow cooker from JCPenny!

Slow cooker from JCPenny!

All right. Gotta get to it. Oh, The Soul Series will be free starting January 14th. Go get it, babycakes!

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A Sampling of My Bestsellers:


“Stolen moments are two words that come to mind when I think of the love story between Mari and Ekkatt. I loved watching and reading as Ekktatt’s entire existence as a transporter comes into question – especially when he thinks of Mari. Their life together is dangerous – they could be recaptured at any time. But the most important fact that stands out is the fact that despite differences and preconceptions, these two loving people fell in love. That is what made Captured a tender and well told romance.” — Natalie S., Romance Junkies

“Julia Rachel Barrett has created a complex sci-fi romance that I adored. Her sense of humor was priceless! The sex scenes were hot, but the developing romance took the prize in Captured. I highly encourage you to take this journey…to lose yourself in a different world. Captured is a sci-fi romance you don’t want to miss out on. I want more from Julia Rachel Barrett!” –LynnMarie, Happily Ever After Reviews


“What makes this book so special? I loved that the characters felt this huge attraction to each other even before they met. I think we all know that situation when you hear the voice of someone and start thinking about what he or she will look like. All in all Beauty and the Feast was a wonderful book to give your mind a rest from a stressy time. I couldn’t put it down and I enjoyed not only the steamy part but also all the food. Be aware that this book will make you hungry and not only in the literal way. *wink*” — Susi, The Geeky Bookworm

“Eva Raines the ‘heroine’ of the book is not exactly the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, rather she is street wise, independent and happy to wait for Mr Right rather than settling for Mr Right-now.  On top of all that she is a chef extraordinaire infact that is how she meets the gorgeous and charming Gabe.  The back stories for both characters are compelling and make you care about them where it could very easily have become stereotyped.  The sex scenes are graphic but built up wonderfully of layered sensuality tied in with the the food references which add an extra dimension.  I would say if you reach this point on the bus then put it down and wait until you get home to read more as it is likely a flush will colour your cheeks and you will subconsciously find yourself licking your lips.” — Scribblings of an Aspiring Author

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“I read each of these books separately, and all I can say is that I wrote Ms. Barrett and told her to write faster – `cause they’re just that good. I’ve been lobbying for a fourth.:)” — Scott R.


“I adore reading about former lovers finding each other again.  Ben and Grace were special. Grace was strong, stubborn (almost too much) and beautiful.  She kept in touch with Ben’s family even when he left her without an explanation.  Ben, for all of his secrets, desired the warmth and companionship of a wife, one to come home to and that scared him especially when his first wife was killed.  The fact that a madman is trying to get to Grace makes Ben bonkers and I didn’t even suspect the identity of the bad guy until the very end.” — Joyfully Reviewed

Lightning in a bottle.

Via the Urban Dictionary:

Capturing something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it and show it to the world. 

Performing a rare feat. 

A moment of creative brilliance. 

Wouldn’t you love to capture Lightning in a Bottle?  I sure would.

Speaking of lightning… We don’t often have thunderstorms.  Our area of Northern California is, unfortunately, spared the fireworks.  I say unfortunately because I’m from Iowa where we have huge-ass (Tim) thunderstorms.  I can’t tell you how many nights I watched out my bedroom window, enthralled by the lightning, awed by the thunder.

The other night I was awakened at 3 a.m. by a bright flash of lightning.  A few seconds later hubby was awakened by a crash of thunder.  It was brilliant.  Unfortunately that was all we got.  Pity.

However, that same night, my cousin in Nebraska called to tell me that in the midst of a raging blizzard they had lightning and thunder.  Life imitates art.

In the Flesh, the second book in my Soul Series, is all about the magic contained in lightning in a blizzard.

Lightning in a bottle.  I wish!